BABYMETAL Live Photos 2013

Photos: 2013.12.30 - BABYMETAL in Countdown Japan 13/14

BABYMETAL performed for Countdown to Japan 2013-2014 at the Makuhari Messe Exhibition Hall on December 30 of 2013. 

Photos and captures of the event below. Show report, CLICK HERE


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Photos: 2013.12.28 - BABYMETAL at Scape The Ground, Singapore

Photos of the BABYMETAL return to Singpore lands. This time the show was at Scape The Ground Theatre.

Show report, CLICK HERE.


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Photos: 2013.12.21 - BABYMETAL "Su-Metal Seitansai, Legend 1997"

BABYMETAL played at Makuhari Messe the second "Su-metal Seitansai" in a sold out show where they announced their first album release and also the Official Fan Club called "BABYMETAL Apocalypse Web" (BAW). In this show, was performed for first time live, "Gimme Chocolate" and recorded to make it their first viral Music Video. Show report, CLICK HERE


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Photos - 2013.11.09 - BABYMETAL in AFA 2013, Singapore

BABYMETAL photos from their activities and performance in the Anime Festival Asia 2013 in Singapore. Event report, CLICK HERE


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Photos: 2013.10.20 - BABYMETAL in Loud Park 2013

BABYMETAL performed for the first time at the Saitama Super Arena for Loud Park 2013, a very succesful performance for the band in terms of recognition by the metal community in Japan and later, around the world. Show report, CLICK HERE

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Photos: 2013.10.18 - BABYMETAL at Tower Records Shinjuku 15th Anniversary Event 

BABYMETAL played at the 15th Anniversary of Tower Records Shinjuku along with other bands. The show took place at Akasaka Blizt. Show report, CLICK HERE


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Photos: 2013.09.22 - BABYMETAL at Inazuma Rock Festival

BABYMETAL played in Shiga for the Inazuma Rock Festival 2013 with a special Kami Band formation. This was the first BABYMETAL performance at the Inazuma Rock Festival. Show report, CLICK HERE


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Photos: 2013.09.07 - BABYMETAL, Anime Festival Asia Indonesia 2013

BABYMETAL played live at the Jakarta Convention Center for Anime Festival Asia Indonesia 2013 along with a very interesting and unusual Meet & Greet with fans. Photos below courtesy Roby Kazuya and BABYMETAL. Show report CLICK HERE


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Photos: 2013.08.11 - BABYMETAL, Summer Sonic 2013, Osaka

Official photos of the BABYMETAL performance in Summer Sonic 2013, at Osaka in the Maishima Stage. The performance had the members of Metallica in the backstage and specially Lars Ulrich watching the performance. Show report, CLICK HERE


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Photos: 2013.08.10 - BABYMETAL, Summer Sonic Tokyo

First BABYMETAL performance with Kami Band in the Summer Sonic Festival, first performance of the 2 days round. First Tokyo on August 10, then Osaka on August 11. The performance was recorded for the "BABYMETAL Limited Edition CD/DVD" and "BABYMETAL World Tour CD/DVD". Show report, CLICK HERE


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Photos: 2013.08.04 - BABYMETAL in Rock In Japan Festival

BABYMETAL performed with Babybones in the Rock In Japan Festival 2013 at Hitachinaka. 

Official photos below including photos with the Amuse mascot Mimiy. Show report, CLICK HERE.


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Photos: 2013.07.21 - BABYMETAL in Join Alive 2013

BABYMETAL with Kami Band as support band performance at Iwamizawa Park for Join Alive 2013 as part of the BABYMETAL Summer Fes Tour 2013, Show report, CLICK HERE


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Photos: 2013.07.15 - BABYMETAL in Summer Camp 2013

BABYMETAL photos from their first performance in the Summer Camp Festival 2013, as part of the BABYMETAL Summer Fes Tour 2015. Show report, CLICK HERE. . 


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Photos: 2013.07.14 - BABYMETAL Legend Kitsune Festival

BABYMETAL live at the Super Live Space Rokumeikan in Tokyo to celebrate the release of their Single "Megitsune". 

BABYMETAL Legend Kitsune Festival encouraged the BABYMETAL fans to assist with the Kitsune mask buying the new Single.

Official photos below. Show report, CLICK HERE


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Photos: 2013.06.30 - BABYMETAL Live Legend 1999

BABYMETAL Live Legend 1999 at NHK Hall for the first ever Moametal and Yuimetal Seitansai. Performance recorded to be released a year and a half later as "Live Legend 1999/1997" DVD/Bluray. On this show Yuimetal and Moametal performed their first solo songs, Yuimetal sang "Chokotto Love", while Moametal sang" Love Machine". Show report, CLICK HERE


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Photos: 2013.06.23 - BABYMETAL Megitsune Launch Party

BABYMETAL special performace to promote the release of their new Single "Megitsune" at DiverCity Tokyo Plaza for "Megitsune Launch Party". Performance report, CLICK HERE


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Photos: 2013.05.29 - BABYMETAL on NTV Music Dragon

BABYMETAL performance on NTV Music Dragon introducing their new Single, "Megitsune".Few screen captures of the performance for the TV Show. 

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Photos: 2013.05.26 - BABYMETAL, METROCK Festival 2013

BABYMETAL first performance in the Metropolitan Rock Festival in Tokyo at the Wakasu Park on May 26 of 2013. BABYMETAL performed with Babybones. Show report, CLICK HERE


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Photos: 2013.05.10-18 - BABYMETAL Death Match Tour 

The first official BABYMETAL Tour called: "BABYMETAL Death Match Tour 'May Revolution'" with four dates from May 10 to May 18. The band performed all the shows with Kami Band. The tour was called "Training Tour" for the girls to learn more about playing live with a live band. Performances were at: Osaka Big Cat on May 10, and  Zepp Tokyo on May 17 and May 18 with 2 shows. Show reports of the BABYMETAL Deatch Match Tour, CLICK HERE


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Photos: 2013.02.01 - BABYMETAL Live "Legend Z"at Zepp Tokyo

BABYMETAL last show of the "Legend IDZ". BABYMETAL Live Legend Z took place at Zepp Tokyo on February 1 of 2013. 

This show marked the second performance with Kami Band. The debut of current members like Takayoshi Ohmura and Hideki Aoyama. Legend Z was recorded for a future release, the first Live DVD/Bluray of the band. Show report of Legend Z, CLICK HERE.


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