BABYMETAL Live Photos 2010

2010.11.28 - BABYMETAL at Sakura Gakuin Festival 2010, Yokohama Red Brick

BABYMETAL's debuts live as Sakura Gakuin's "Heavy Music Club". Its debut took place at the first Sakura Gakuin Festival 2010 on November 28 of 2010 at Yokohama Red Brick. Show report, click here. BABYMETAL performed their first song and upcoming new Single "Doki Doki Morning". Read Oricon Style live report, click here.. In addition check photos of the Sakura Gakuin performance featuring Suzuka, Yui and Moa


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2010.02.03 - Suzuka Nakamoto as "Mini Patissier" member at VEGE ROCK presents Sweets Night Valentine SPECIAL

Did you know that Suzuka Nakamoto performed as main singer of "Mini Patissier" before even Sakura Gakuin started its activities? Suzuka played with Mini Patissier at VEGE ROCK on February 3 of 2010, read more about her special performance and check the photos below. 


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