BABYMETAL Biography 2016 - 2017

Read BABYMETAL's Biography from the very beginnings to 2015, READ HERE


The year 2016 started with Sakura Gakuin announcing the "The Road To Graduation 2015 Final", this will be the first Sakura Gakuin Graduation event without any of the BABYMETAL members.


On January 5, Yuimetal was featured on JCC News Japan about her dancing skills, and her charm in the stage. (Read here)


On January 7 BABYMETAL was featured in the new Metal Hammer Magazine issue 279, "The FOX Awakens". Suzuka Nakamoto as "Su-Metal" and Kobametal talk about the upcoming new album set to be released on April 1. (Read here)


On January 12, BABYMETAL's most popular song and video "Gimme Chocolate" reaached 40.000.000 views on Youtube. 


On January 15, BABYMETAL announced the new Album's name "METAL RESISTANCE" and also release THE ONE Members Project Fiscal Year 2016 including also the new Album's THE ONE Limited Edition. 


3 days after, Summer Sonic announced the Top 10 of "The artist that you want to see the most" at Summer Sonic 2016 featuring BABYMETAL in the 1st place. 


On January 25 BABYMETAL announced additional US Tour dates, at the moment of the year BABYMETAL announced 10 World Tour 2016 in United States. 


BABYMETAL was highlighted once again on Kerrang! Magazine on January 27, in this issue their song "Doki Doki Morning" reached the spot number 9 in the Official Kerrang Magazine Rock Chart, in addition Suzuka Nakamoto as "Su-Metal" was interviewed to talk about the song.  (Read here


On January 28, Suzuka Nakamoto "Su-Metal" was interviewed once again by UK Media. this time was Metal Hammer, Su-Metal was featured in the "We could be heroes" section. (Read here


February started very slow for BABYMETAL, on February 7 BABYMETAL's most popular song "Gimme Chocolate" was announced in Top 5 Chocolate songs for Valentine's Day 2016 in Japan. 


On February 9 BABYMETAL THE ONE Members Project announced a special and secret event at NHK Japan Broadcasting Center  on February 18 for a special viewing  of the special program of NHK Japan


On February 13 took place a new Sakura Gakuin "Happy Valentine" event. This special performance was the first without any BABYMETAL members as Sakura Gakuin students. 


After the announcement on January 14 about the name of its second Album "Metal Resistance", on February 19 BABYMETAL revealed the Artwork and Tracklist of the new album and the announcement of its first Single "KARATE". (Details of the album, read here


On February 25 the first Single from "Metal Resistance" "KARATE" was premiered on Annie Mac Show on BBC Radio one at 20:02 UK Time. Also the song was released on Spotify in Australia. In addition the same day, BABYMETAL released a trailer of the new album "Metal Resistance" featuring a few seconds of the new Music Video "KARATE". 


On February 26 was officially released the first single of its second album, "KARATE" reached the Top of the iTunes Charts 

in several countries in the first two days after its release featuring Japan, United Kingdom and United States. (Read more here) 


March 2016 started with a great feature for BABYMETAL, Metal Hammer Magazine released an impressive report about BABYMETAL 2 Days performances at Yokohama Arena on December 12 and December 13 "The Final Chaper Of Trilogy" which gathered more than 24.000 fans. The issue featured a 3D hologram cover with BABYMETAL, and more than 10 pages about them. The release got sold out online. 


Also on March 1, BABYMETAL announced additional tour dates in Europe featuring their return to Switzerland and Germany. 


On March 3 was released the 6th Studio Album of Sakura Gakuin, "Kirameki No Kakera", this is the first Sakura Gakuin album without any BABYMETAL member as Sakura Gakuin student (Album details).


On March 12 Billboard released the first chart details about the new BABYMETAL song "KARATE" which reached 3 Billboard charts featuring a 2nd Place and 2 Top 50 (Details here


On March 16 was released a new issue of THE MUSIC Magazine from Sydney in Australia including BABYMETAL in the cover and a very extensive interview with Suzuka Nakamoto. (Read more here


On March 17, BABYMETAL released "KARATE" Music Video. At first the release was exclusive only for Music Choice subscribers and a few hours later was released officially on Youtube. The first Single of "Metal Resistance" received features around the world and the biggest reaction from International and Japanese Media so far. 


The same day, on March 17 took place in Japan the exclusive and secret BABYMETAL THE ONE Members Project Event "THE ONE OF THE ONE" where one of the THE ONE members was summoned (selected by lottery) by Kitsune-Sama to enjoy the music of the new album "Metal Resistance" through a listening party with Babybones and later meet BABYMETAL girls.  


On March 20 was released Music Magazine featuring BABYMETAL in the cover.


On March 25 OK Music released an exclusive interview with BABYMETAL girls about the working process of their new album "Metal Resistance" (Read more here)


On March 26, BABYMETAL released a new Music Video, this time "THE ONE" live from "The Final Chapter Of Trilogy" at Yokohama Arena. As "KARATE", "THE ONE" received a great reception from International and Japanese Media. 


On March 27, BABYMETAL did a special appearance on NHK World's program J-Melo. 


In addition on March 27, Suzuka, Yui and Moa attended to Sakura Gakuin "The Road To Graduation 2015 Final"at the Kanagawa Prefectural Hall where 2015 Nendo members Rinon Isono, Ooga Saki and Shirai Saki graduated from Sakura Gakuin. 


On March 28 were released Hedoban Magazine Vol.10 with BABYMETAL in the cover and 10.000 characters interview with Su-Metal, Moametal and Yuimetal! The same day was released Nylon Japan Magazine Vol.95 featuring BABYMETAL in the cover too, the girls also recorded a video message for Nylon's readers. 


Starting on March 29 and in order to promote the release new album "Metal Resistance" which was released on March 29 in Japan, BABYMETAL and Tower Records nationwide announce Special activities featuring "Metal Resistance Exhibition" and "BABYMETAL Week" (Read more here).


On March 30 Kerrang! Magazine released a new issue featuring a review of the new album "Metal Resistance" and an interview with Su-Metal to talk about the new album and their upcoming show at Wembley Arena (Details here). 


The same day but in Japan, Rolling Stone Japan released an interview divided in 2 parts (second part released on March 31) where the girls talked about their concept, the new album "Metal Resistance", experience gained outside Japan and International media critics. (Read more here, and here


In addition on March 30 Oricon Style announced the debut of "Metal Resistance". The second studio album of the group sold more than 36.000 copies on its debut day! (Details here


On March 31 was released GrindHouse Magazine Vol.95 featuring BABYMETAL in the cover and a 10.000 characters interview with the girls. The same day Besatsu Kudokawa Direct04 released a new issue with BABYMETAL in the cover and a report about the group through the years. 


April started with the expected FOX DAY on April 1st. During this day several interviews, articles and news about BABYMETAL were published along with the worldwide release of its second studio album called "Metal Resistance". "Metal Resistance" was released in 3 different editions. Regular CD, Limited Edition CD/DVD including "BABYMETAL live at MetRock Festival" and THE ONE Members Limited Edition CD/Bluray including "The Black Mass" and "The Red Mass" shows in 2015. The album also featured limited songs, "Syncopation" for the Japanese Edition and "From Dusk Till Down" for the Outside Japan Edition. 


On April 1 featured interviews on Gigwise (Read here), Billboard (Read here), GrindHouse Magazine Online (Read here). 


On April 2 BABYMETAL played at Wembley Arena in London, England. The opening show of the BABYMETAL World Tour 2016. The band played at 12.000 sold out show, the biggest headline show for BABYMETAL outside Japan and was the first Japanese artist to play at Wembley Arena (Show report). 


The same day, BABYMETAL was featured on Hysteria Magazine issue April 2016 release on April 2 featuring BABYMETAL girls in the cover of the Magazine and a very extensive interview with BABYMETAL's leader Suzuka Nakamoto while she visited Australia in December 2015 to record vocals for "Metal Resistance". (Read here)


On April 4 was released a big feature for BABYMETAL, "Nikkei Entertainment Magazine" including a photo session with the girls and separate interviews with Su-Metal, Yuimetal and Moametal. (Read more here) Also this day were released "Aarshock Magazine" from Netherlands with BABYMETAL in the cover, and PMC Music Complex with BABYMETAL in the cover. 


The same day, in New York City BABYMETAL held a Press Conference to promote the release of the new album "Metal Resistance", their US Tour and the performance at The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. (Read more here


The same day, BABYMETAL held a Live Stream interview on Twitch where the girls answered questions from Loudwire journalist Graham, and questions sent from fans on Twitter. 



Also On April 4 on NHK was broadcasted the very special performance of BABYMETAL at the NHK Broacasting Center in Tokyo for only 300 BABYMETAL fans THE ONE Members. Also the broadcast featured the girls having a nice talk with Marty Friedman, visiting the place where they placed Legend Corset Festival in 2012. (Details here)



On April 5 Metal Hammer Magazine from UK announced today what was shared also by BABYMETAL and Kilimanjaro's promoter Alan Day. BABYMETAL broke 2 UK Records. First, BABYMETAL jumped up to #7 in the Official Charts with "Metal Resistance" becoming in the highest-ever position for a Japanese act! But also, BABYMETAL sold more merch at Wembley Arena than any other artist that played at Wembley Arena. (Details here)



In addition on April 5 was released an interview with Suzuka Nakamoto on "The Racket" from Australia. (Read here


Late on April 5 BABYMETAL played at The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, was their debut in US TV. The group played "Gimme Chocolate"



On April 8 BABYMETAL and Kobametal were featured on THE SUN from United Kingdom. 


On April 9 was announced that "Metal Resistance" reached the 7th Place on ARIA Official Albums Chart in Australia, being the highest place for a Japanese Artist. The same day Young Guitar released a new issue with BABYMETAL in the front page, photoshoot with Su-Metal, Yuimetal and Moametal, interview with the girls and features of Kami Band members Mikio Fujioka and LEDA. (Read here


On April 11, Billboard Japan released weekly sales details for April 18, 2016 featuring BABYMETAL's elder sisters from Amuse "Perfume" leading the list with 103.000 copies sold, while "Metal Resistance" is third in the list in addition Billboard Japan announced a great new for Japanese music scene and especially for BABYMETAL., with "Metal Resistance" BABYMETAL becomes in the first Japanese artist to enter in the Billboard US Top 40 Albums after 53 years! (Details here and here)


On April 18 Kami Band was featured on CD Japan: "Check It Out: Kami Band, The BABYMETAL's Guardian Gods". (Read here)


The first show of "Apocrypha, Only The  FOX GOD Knows" at Shinkiba Studio Coast of the year took place on April 20. (Show report



On April 21 took place the second show of "Apocrypha, Only The FOX GOD Knows". These shows served as warm up for the group to get ready for the US Tour in May. (Show report). 



On April 22 BABYMETAL played on Japanese TV at Music Station Live, the band performed "KARATE" for the first time in this TV Show. 



On April 27, BABYMETAL in collaboration with Nintendo was announced a playable character of Super Mario Maker. (Read more here).



The same day Rolling Stone released a special interview with the girls which took place in New York City earlier this month. (Read here)


Also on April 27 Su-Metal was interviewed on Boston Globe from United States. (Read here



On April 29 BABYMETAL was featured in a 25 minutes documentary broadcasted on BBC from United Kingdom about the Japanese culture "Wembley To Tokyo". 



In the last day of April, Scuzz TV From United Kingdom published a 19 minutes interview with the girls where they discuss "Metal Resistance" (More here). But also earlier, on April 30 in Japan MTV Japan released "MTV Inside: BABYMETAL Special" with a 21 minutes program dedicated to BABYMETAL with Music Videos, special interview with Su-Metal, Yuimetal and Moametal and comments from musicians from Trivium, Helloween, Dragonforce.. 


 The month of May 2016 started with a huge feature for the group in United States being interviewed by Alternative Press in an interview called "BABYMETAL tells us 10 things you need to know about them"


On May 3, Kerrang Magazine announced the artists nominated for the Kerrang Awards 2016, BABYMETAL was noinated for "Best Live Band". (Read more here). 


On May 4, BABYMETAL's new Music Video "KARATE" reached its first 10.000.000 views on Youtube. The same day of the start of the BABYMETAL World Tour 2016 in United States East coast leg at the PlayStation Theater in New York, following New York City the band played at House Of Blues in Boston on May 5, at Electric Factory, Philadelphia on May 7. On May 8 played for first time at Carolina Rebellion Festival in Charlotte. In this show BABYMETAL met Rob Zombie who published a photo with the girls and received negative comments from his fans, Rob Zombie defended the girls and BABYMETAL's concept (Check here). On May 10 BABYMETAL played at The Fillmore in Silver Spring, followed by the historic The Fillmore in Detroit also known as the State Theater on May 11, then on May 13 played once again at House Of Blues Chicago and finished US East Tour leg at Northern Invasion Festival in Somerset. 


Back On May 5, BABYMETAL was featured with an interview on New York Daily from United States (Read more here). 


On May 6, in Japan, Sakura Gakuin announced the new Students Council President for 2016 Nendo, Sara Kurashima at the 2016 Nendo Transference Ceremony. Second president after Moa Kikuchi and Yui Mizuno graduations.  The same day, BABYMETAL was featured on Upset Magazine from United Kingdom. (Scans here


On May 8, The Sunday Times "Style" from United Kingdom released an article dedicated to BABYMETAL after their performance at Wembley Arena. The 2 pages article features an interview with Su-Metal. (Read here


May 11, BABYMETAL was interviewed by Noisey which published the interview during their visit to New York City back in April, in a very interesting interview the girls, Su-Metal gives more details about the process of recording the second studio album "Metal Resistance". (Read here). 


On May 13 was announced by  Recording Industry Association of Japan that BABYMETAL's new Album "Metal Resistance" sold enough copies in Japan to receive the "Gold Disc" certification! "Metal Resistance" sold more than 100.000 copies during its first month of sales. (Read more here)


On May 25 BABYMETAL received a 3 minutes interview on Belsat TV from Belarus. The girls were interviewed during their visit to United Kingdom before their show at Wembley Arena. 


On May 28 BABYMETAL announced in interview with Billboard at Carolina Rebellion that the band will be playing with Rob Halford at the Alternative Music Awards in United States on July 18.


On June 1 BABYMETAL  announced a new Bluray release featuring the Metal Resistance Trilogy shows at Saitama Super Arena, Makuhari Messe and Yokohama Arena in 2015 for THE ONE members. In addition the Limited Edition release features a Hard Cover format photobook with special content of the World Tour 2015 in Photos along with the Bluray discs. (See more details


Also on June 1 Rolling Stone released a new segment of its interview with BABYMETAL. In this part, the girls are interviewed to talk about breaking language barriers and their energy onstage. (Read more here


On June 2 started the BABYMETAL World Tour 2016 in Europe. BABYMETAL played 7 shows in 10 days visiting Pratteln, Switzerland, on June 3 their second appearance at Rock In Vienna in Austria, on June 5 their first time at FortaRock Festival, then on June 7 and June 8 played in Germany. After they visited England to play at the famous Download Festival on June 10 and closed the European Tour on June 11 at Download Festival in Paris, France. (European Tour show reports


On June 3 BABYMETAL announced a second date at the Tokyo Dome! BABYMETAL is going to play on September 20 to close the World Tour 2016.


On June 4 Japanese broadcasting TV Station WOWOW published a great documentary about BABYMETAL named: "What is BABYMETAL? Girls that changed the history". The documentary is a summary of BABYMETAL activities from their beginnings with "Metal Resistance" episodes to 2016. 


On June 7 Suzuka Nakamoto was interviewed on Kerrang! Magazine new issue to talk about their official debut at Download Festival this weekend, their experience at Wembley Arena, and the appearance on WII U Video Game Super Mario Maker. (Read more here


On June 9 BABYMETAL won their second and consecutive Kerrang Award, at the Kerrang Awards 2016 BABYMETAL was the winner of the "Best Live Band" Award at The Troxy Theater in London, England. (Read more here


On June 10 Sakura Gakuin was featured on Alternative Press from United States. Using BABYMETAL as reference. (See more here)


On June 12 Express Online published an interview with BABYMETAL at the backstage of Download Festival in United Kingdom on June 10, after the show Su-Metal was interviewed on Express Online to talk about their show at Download Festival, her love for Metal music. (Read here


On June 16 BABYMETAL was featured and Suzuka Nakamoto as "Su-Metal" was interviewed on Alternative Press to talk about the weirdest things about America. (Read more here


On June 17 BABYMETAL announced a series of shows for THE ONE Members to take place in August from August 8 to August 25 in Osaka, Tokyo and Nagoya called "The White Mass"


On June 21 TECHinsight wrote an article dedicated to Yui Mizuno "Yuimetal" 17th birthday. TECHinsight did a summary of her career and a summary of fans comments on social networks about her and her growth. (Read more here)


On June 23 BABYMETAL was featured in German TV when the band visited Germany on June 7 and June 8. KIKA TV attended to BABYMETAL's World Tour 2016 show at LongHorn in Stuttgart on June 8. (Read more here


On June 24 Oricon Style released their Half Year Sales Ranking featuring BABYMETAL new album "Metal Resistance" in #9 place. 


BABYMETAL's success, talent and efforts of the whole group and specially Suzuka Nakamoto as lead vocalist made her become one of the 50 Greatest Rockstars In The World Today according to the new issue of Kerrang! Magazine released on June 29. (Read more here


On July 1 Revolt TV finally released its interview with BABYMETAL before the start of the World Tour in United States. In this  interview the girls explain what is the meaning of "Kawaii" on BABYMETAL but also in Japan. (Read more here)


BABYMETAL Kami Band member Takayoshi Ohmura visited Singapore on July 2 and Thailand on July 4 as part of the ESP Guitar Clinic Asian Tour. His seminar featuring live performances of his own songs and also BABYMETALsongs!


On July 3 BABYMETAL Kami Band God Of Guitar Mikio Fujioka was interviewed by Barks Japan to talk about his experience abroad playing as Kami Band member. (Read more here)


On July 6 through Billboard Japan SoundScan Japan announced the details of the amount of sales and trends in Japan during the first 6 months of the Year 2016, BABYMETAL's new album "Metal Resistance" is featured #9 in the Albums Chart. 


The same day, BABYMETAL Kami Band God Of Drums Yuya Maeta was interviewed by Accordo from Italy to talk about his current activities including his role as God Of Drums in BABYMETAL as backup of Hideki Aoyama. (Read more here)


On July 7 Tower Records announced the Tower Records 2016 "First Six Months Of Japanese Music" Top10 Chart, "Metal Resistance" was ranked #2. In addition the same day Label Gate, Music Download Services which operates with "Mora Walkman Official Music Store" announced the Top100 2016 First Half Year Download Rankings, "Metal Resistance" was featured in the Top10 on #8. (Read more here


On July 10, BABYMETAL was featured and Su-Metal interviewed in the August issue of Alternative Press Magazine to commemorate the Alternative Press Music Awards 2016 (Read more here)


On July 12 BABYMETAL played its first show of the US Tour West Coast, second part of the US Tour which started in May, 2016. BABYMETAL played for first time in Seattle, then visited San Francisco at Regency Ballroom on July 14. On July 16 BABYMETAL played its last headline show of the World Tour 2016 outside Japan at The Wiltern in Los Angeles. 


On July 14 BABYMETAL's debut album was listed #92 on Metal Hammer's "Greatest Albums Of The 21st Century". 


On July 17 BABYMETAL played for first time at the Chicago Open Air Festival in Chicago, United States, the same BABYMETAL was featured on The Japan Times with an article dedicated to their upcoming performance at Fuji Rock Festival on July 24. (Read here


On July 18 BABYMETAL attended to their first Music Award event in United States at  The Schottenstein Center in Columbus, Ohio for the Alternative Press Music Awards 2016. The band was nominated for "Best International Band". Although the band lost the award against "You Me At Six" from United Kingdom in the other hand Su-Metal, Yuimetal and Moametal along with Kami Band won experience and respect from Rock and Metal scene thanks to their incredible performance with "Metal God", Judas Priest's vocalist Rob Halford. (See photos


On July 19 BABYMETAL vocalist Suzuka Nakamoto "Su-Metal" and Judas Priest's leader Rob Halford stopped to talk with Rolling Stone to share their impressions about the performance together at the Alternative Press Awards 2016 in Columbus. (Read more here


On July 21 Alternative Press Japan caught BABYMETAL after their performance with Rob Halford at the AP Music Awards 2016 in Columbus, Ohio. The girls shared more impressions about their performance with Metal God, nervousness, enjoyment, but also great memories and Moa excited to play guitar! (Read more here


The same day, CD Shop announced the Primary Nominations for the 9th CD Shop Awards 2017. BABYMETAL's second Album "Metal Resistance" was nominated along with many other great Japanese albums released this year.  


On July 22, was published BABYMETAL interview at Chicago Open Air by Kelly Frazier of Huffington Post to talk about their fanbase and being a role moder for younger fans. (Read more here


Kerrang Magazine's new issue released on July 27 featuree BABYMETAL in their Live Reviews segment. Kerrang reviews BABYMETAL at The Wiltern in Los Angeles on July 15 plus a 3 questions interview with Su-Metal. (Read more here


On July 24 BABYMETAL played for first time at the Fuji Rock Festival. The 2016 edition of the Festival celebrated the 20th Anniversary. BABYMETAL played at the White Stage in front of 15.000 people. 


On July 29 was announced the album "Gakkyokuha - Selected by Marty Friedman" set to be released on October 5 featuring Sakura Gakuin's Verishuvi from Sakura Gakuin's second studio Album "Friends". 


On the last day of July WOWOW published the official broadcast of BABYMETAL at Wembley Arena in London, England on April 2 featuring a special interview with the girls called "BABYMETAL Historia"


August stared with features in Serbia, BABYMETAL was featured in mainstream media from Serbia on "HEJ!" Magazine on August 1. 


On August 2 Marty Friedman was interviewed on Billboard, was asked about collaborations and BABYMETAL came on topic, he said: "I would not be surprised at all". (Read more here). 


The same day BABYMETAL announced the re-release of the Limited Edition of the self-titled album and the re-release of "Metal Resistance" Limited Edition album to celebrate Tokyo Dome's performance. Also AIM Independent Music Awards 2016 revealed the full list of nominees after a careful deliberation by their panel, along with 15.000 public votes, BABYMETAL was nominated for "Best Live Act".


On August 3 BABYMETAL and their amazing Kami Band were featured on 33Man about Idols performing with live bands, since turned out very common in Japan that Idols started perform with back tracks, 33Man features Idols with amazing live bands. (Read more here


On August 6 BABYMETAL played for second time in their career at Rock In Japan Festival in Ibaraki. 


On August 8 and August 9 played the first shows of "The White Mass" Tour in Osaka at Namba Hatch. 


On August 12 BABYMETAL played its third Festival appearance in Japan of the BIG 4 Festivals at Rising Sun Rock Festival 2016 in Hokkaido. 


On August 15 BABYMETAL Kami Band Gods Of Guitar Isao Fujita and Mikio Fujioka are featured on "The Epic Guitar Solo Challenge". They appear in the anthem to promote the guitar practive with the Music Video "Don't You Tell Me Not To Play Guitar" to support The EJ Witten Foundation for prostate cancer.


On August 17 The Grammys published their interview with BABYMETAL at the backstage of the Alternative Press Music Awards on July 18 in Columbus, Ohio. (Read more here)


On August 18 Rob Halford and BABYMETAL appeared on Alternative Press, the girls and Rob stopped at the PRS Backstage Lounge to share their impressions about their performance and talk about the process of making the live collaboration. (Read More here


The third and fourth dates of "The White Mass" took place at Zepp Tokyo on August 17 and August 18


On August 21 BABYMETAL played for fifth consecutive time at Summer Sonic Festival, this time headlining for very first time the Sonic Stage closing the event in Osaka. (Show report


On August 24 and August 25 played the last shows of "The White Mass" at Zepp Nagoya, in Nagoya. 


On August 26, Red Hot Chili Peppers announced that BABYMETAL will be their support band during their UK Tour in December. BABYMETAL to play in London, and for very first time in Glasgow, Birmingham and Manchester. 


On August 24 Sakura Gakuin debuted at Akasaka RED/THEATER the first musical of the group, "Shuoh Gakuen Gasshou-bu". (Read more here


On August 30 BABYMETAL performing "Catch Me If You Can" was featured on NHK World Newsline in their special segment "Beating The Heat" about Music and Marketing in Summer. 



September started with BABYMETAL featured in the new issue of the Czech magazine FAKKER!. This issue FAKKER! published a "Japan Style" Special including BABYMETAL titled "Resistance Is Futile". The same day, September 1, BABYMETAL announced that their Music Video for "KARATE" and their second studio Album "Metal Resistance" are nominated in the MTV Video Music Awards Japan 2016.


On September 6 BABYMETAL was selected as winner of "Best Live Act" award in the AIM Intedependent Music Awards 2016 in London! BABYMETAL was nominated in August and thanks to the votes of the audience on Songkick the band won the award. (Read more here


On September 7 was published an interview with Su-Metal by British media to share her thoughts about winning the AIM Independent Music Awards 2016 for "Best Live Act" and performing in United Kingdom. Many media sites like Rock Sound published the message from Suzuka. (Read here


On September 8 Su-Metal talk about BABYMETAL's 30th Birthday in the celebration of 30 years of Metal Hammer. (Read here)


September 11, through Nihon Keizai Shimbun and was announced a second set of artists and events who joined "TenbaiNO", the statement to prevent the high number of concerts tickets resales and the expensive prices. BABYMETAL joined in the second set of artists. (Learn more here



In addition, on September 11 both BABYMETAL albums were available for streaming on AWA Music streaming services company. 


On September 12, BABYMETAL was featured on AFP News with a special coverage and interview with Kobametal, Su-Metal, Yuimetal and Moametal from their show at Zepp Tokyo for "The White Mass" performance. (Read more here


On September 14, BABYMETAL released nationwide in Japan the debut Album BABYMETAL and the second studio Album Metal Resistance "Visit To Japan" CD/DVD anniversary editions with great success. The same day BABYMETAL announced the release of "Live at Wembley Arena" DVD/Bluray and THE ONE Limited Edition Bluray set for November 23, 2016. 


On September 15, Oricon announced that BABYMETAL "Visit To Japan" Anniversary Edition debuts Top5 on Oricon Albums Chart. (Read here


September 16, BABYMETAL and ESP Guitars Japan officially announced the collaboration to put on sale the E-II Arrow 7 Guitars which Kami Band use to play since Yokohama Arena in December 2015. 


On September 19 and September 20 took place the closing shows of the BABYMETAL World Tour 2016 at the massive Tokyo Dome in Tokyo. The sold out shows with 55.000 ticket sold each night featured completely different setlists, different costumes and partially different Kami Band lineup. Red Night featured a "Black & Gold" costume, meanwhile Black Night featured a new "Black & Red" costume. (Show report here and here). The performances had many features in Japanese TV. 


On September 21 BABYMETAL was featured on Nikkan Sports Shimbun (Newspaper) in the issue September 21 about their performances at Tokyo Dome with comments about the performance and impressions from Su-Metal and Yuimetal about Tokyo Dome shows. (Read here


On September 28 BABYMETAL was featured in the new issue of Kerrang! Magazine from United Kingdom with 4 pages about their performances at Tokyo Dome 2 Days. The issue also includes an interview with Su-Metal, Yuimetal and Moametal. (Read here


The same day BABYMETAL teamed with Warner Bros. to release Animated Digital Series! The Animated Digital Series based in the three girls adventures for the US audience through Amuse USA subsidiary will be released in 2017 media says. (Read more here


October was a month to rest for BABYMETAL in terms of live performances, they got features anyway. 


On October 1, BABYMETAL was featured in the new issue of Ajet Connect Magazine issue of October 2016. The same day Mori Hayashi, better known as Mori-Sensei is teacher and tutor of Sakura Gakuin since the beginnings, on his Radio Show Mochikomi talked several minutes about BABYMETAL performance at Tokyo Dome and specially about Suzuka Nakamoto. (Read here


On October 3, BABYMETAL was announced as winner of "Best Album Of The Year" and "Best Metal Video" in the MTV VMAJ 2016! (Details


BABYMETAL was featured in a new OK Music article about their songs, this time OK Music goes in depth about the the Metal elements that form BABYMETAL featuring comparations with artists like Dragonforce, Iron Maiden, Lamb Of God, Dream Theater and Judas Priest. (Read here


October 4, Barks Japan announced that the three BABYMETAL members are going to adopt Westone ES60 Ear Monitors. Since Tokyo Dome performances the trio started to use the new set of Ear Monitors. Meanwhile Kami Band members are using ES50.


On October 10 BABYMETAL was interviewed by The List from Scotland in order to promote the UK Tour with Red Hot Chili Peppers to take place in December. The girls talk about the FOX GOD, their concept and the upcoming Tour with RHCP.  Yuimetal says that they are looking forward to learn from them too. (Read here


BABYMETAL was interviewed in the new issue of Kerrang! Magazine to talk about their plans for their upcoming World Tour and also speak about their UK Tour with Red Hot Chili Peppers in December. Kerrang issue released on October 12. (Read here


On October 21, Suzuka Nakamoto was featured on Ameba News. She was featured #4 on: Ranking of "junk" Idols that college students love. (Learn more here)


On October 26 BABYMETAL was featured again on Kerrang! Magazine, BABYMETAL talk scary moments, horror movies, phobias & Halloween on Kerrang! (Read more here)


The same day took place the MTV Video Music Awards Japan ceremony, Su-Metal's shared a message to fans after BABYMETAL winning 2  MTV VMAJ Awards. (Read translation here


On October 27 Suzuka Nakamoto was interviewed by VICE Magazine to answer personal questions. As Su-Metal she speaks about her non-music-related talents, favorite quotes, her hero, best advice. (Read here


The next day BABYMETAL at Tokyo Dome performances were featured on Teen Vogue including brief interview  comments by Su-Metal & Moametal. (Read here)


Closing October, Kobametal, Su-Metal, Yuimetal and Moametal were featured and interviewed on Music Complex Magazine Vol.07 (Interviews available, here, here, here, and here)


On November 2 BABYMETAL was nominated for "Best New Talent" in the Revolver Magazine Music Awards 2016 with a official awards ceremony set to take place at the Webster Hall in New York City, NY on December 13.


On November 14 BABYMETAL songs from their new live release "Live At Wembley" were broadcasted at Yunika Vision in Shinjuku until November 23.


November 17, BABYMETAL published messages to Metallica to congratulate the "Metal Master" on releasing their new album "Hardwired...To Self-Destruct". Metallica released a new album after 8 years, Su-Metal, Yuimetal and Moametal share their impressions about Metallica and the new album. (Read here)


November 18, after Amazon's announcement BABYMETAL as artist, "BABYMETAL" and "Metal Resistance" albums and also 12 songs of the band are featured in the 1st Anniversary numbers analysis of Amazon "Prime Music" in Japan. (Read more here





On November 22 BABYMETAL hosted a "Live At Wembley World Premire" in different theaters around Japan with a a special present to attendees, the "BABYMETAL Live At Wembley" friction ball-point pen.


On November 22 & November 23 in Japan was released the new live video, BABYMETAL "Live At Wembley" Bluray and DVD editions. Both versions debuted at the top of the charts of Amazon Japan and Oricon Style. In addition according to Oricon BABYMETAL "Live At Wembley" Bluray sold 36.000 copies in the first week of sales.



On  November 29 Oricon Style published the details of the "Breakthrough Female Artists Ranking 2016", BABYMETAL is #4. The same day BABYMETAL was interviewed by NME from United Kingdom to promote their upcoming performance as support artist in the Red Hot Chili Peppers UK Tour in December (Read more here). 



On November 30 BABYMETAL decided the details for THE ONE 2017 including a new limited edition item, THE ONE Big Tee. This is the third consecutive year of THE ONE Members Project (Details here). 


The same day BABYMETAL was featured in the biggest Magazines in United Kingdom. BABYMETAL was interviewed on Metal Hammer to talk about their 2016. The high points and low points, meeting artists, the animated series, Tokyo Dome, and their ambitions for 2017 (Read here


But also BABYMETAL got the cover of Kerrang Magazine for very first time, including a long article and interview with the girls and Kobametal talking about Tokyo Dome, Wembley Arena, the influence of the FOX GOD prophecies, performing with Rob Halford and the future of the group. (Read here)


In addition during this announcements day BABYMETAL have announced they will be supporting Guns N' Roses in January 2017 during the Guns N' Roses Japan Tour 2017.


December 2016 started with CD Shop announcement, "Metal Resistance" was officially nominated for the 9th CD Shop Awards! The same day Billboard Japan released information about the most listened artist on Spotify in 2016. BABYMETAL is featured in the second place of the most listened artists outside Japan.


On December 5 BABYMETAL played its first show supporting the Red Hot Chili Peppers UK Tour at The O2 in London, England. The tour continued at the same venue on December 6.


The same day was announed that BABYMETAL's Album "Metal Resistance" was ranked #19 on HMV "Best Of 2016". In addition BABYMETAL's new album "Metal Resistance" reached the Top10 of the Tower Records Japan Best Sellers Annual Ranking 2016. Tower Records revealed the Annual Ranking featuring only "Metal Resistance" CD in the 6th place. (Read here


On December 6 BABYMETAL was once again featured on Metal Hammer. The Magazine published a new interview with Suzuka Nakamoto called "The Conquerer", also "Metal Resistance" is #30 in The 50 Best Albums of 2016 of Metal Hammer. (Read more here


On December 7  "Metal Resistance" is featured #9 in The Greatest 50 Albums of 2016 of the new issue of Kerrang Magazine (Read here)


The same day BABYMETAL was decided to open for Metallica as Special Guest in Seoul in South Korea on January 11. In addition Pianist Hitomi Nishiyama author of "New Heritage Of Real Heavy Metal" released her second album featuring "THE ONE" as bonus track. (Read more here)


BABYMETAL & "Metal Resistance" are featured in 3 Billboard Year End Charts announced on December 8 (Read here


The same day BABYMETAL played its third show of the Red Hot Chili Peppers UK Tour and their first show ever in Scotland. 


On December 9 BABYMETAL released "Live At Wembley" Live CD in Europe, the album debuted #1 on Amazon UK Alternative Metal. (Read here


On December 10 and December 11 BABYMETAL played its 4th and 5th Shows of the UK Tour supporting Red Hot Chili Peppers at the Genting Arena in Birmingham in England.


December 14, BABYMETAL was interviewed in the new issue of Kerrang Magazine to talk about the most exciting moments and experiences of 2016. (Read here)


The same day BABYMETAL played their first show ever at the famous Manchester Arena as they played their 6th UK Tour. A very special show where Meta! Taro debuted in this tour, but all the highlights are over "Nobody Weird Like Me" when the girls joined Red Hot Chili Peppers onstage. 


On December 15 BABYMETAL played their second night at Manchester Arena supporting the Red Hot Chili Peppers.


On December 18 was the last BABYMETAL show of the UK Tour supporting the Red Hot Chili Peppers at The O2 in London. Third show in London, three of eight shows of the UK Tour took places at The O2 London. At the end of the show BABYMETAL performed Judas Priest Medley with Chad Smith on the drums and celebrated Su-Metal's birthday onstage. (Read more here)


On Suzuka's 19th Birthday Google announced the Top100 Videos Ranking on Youtube Japan, BABYMETAL's Music Video for "KARATE" is ranked #21 with more than 24.000.000 views. 



December 22, AndMore Fes, especialist in Japanese Festivals published a list of the most important news about artists who participated in Summer Festivals 2016. BABYMETAL is featured about their performance at Fuji Rock Festival. (Read here


December 23, Oricon Style announced the Annual Sales Ranking featuring BABYMETAL's second studio album "Metal Resistance" Top25. The album sold 230.000 copies. (Read more here



On December 26 the Hard Rock and Heavy Metal music site Heavy Metal Japan released their annual ranking with the most popular Hard Rock and Heavy Metal Music videos, "KARATE" appeared #2 in the "Hard Rock/Heavy Metal MV Top100 Year End Chart 2016". The same day BABYMETAL Kami Band Takayoshi Ohmura announce the release of his new Album called "Cerberus" featuring Audio CD with covers with special guests, and 2 DVDs including lives and special content.


On December 28 BABYMETAL released "Live At Wembley" Live CD compilation of the best of their show at Wembley Arena in London, England on April 2, 2016. The CD debuted #3 on Oricon Style Albums Chart (Read here


The same day, BABYMETAL was featured in the last Kerrang's issue of 2016, the band received three different features, Kerrang reviewed their performance at The O2 in London on December 6 and also "KARATE" was announced winner of the Readers Poll "Song of 2016" (Read here)


On December 29 Kadowaka Research Laboratories released a list of most popular 20 Male artists and 20 Female artists on Twitter in Japan. BABYMETAL was Top20 in the Female section over artists like Morning Musume.


The Year 2017 started with an announcement, on January 5 BABYMETAL decided to be opener for Red Hot Chili Peppers once again as they announced a new bunch of tour dates to take place in April 2017. The same day DiskUnion Metal announced the best sellers of 2016 in their Online Shop. BABYMETAL's second Studio Album "Metal Resistance" reached the Top10 in sales!.


On January 9 an important feature, Premium Japan published article about BABYMETAL performing with impotant artist in the world like Rob Halford, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Metallica and Guns N' Roses. The article summarizes how happened the collaborations with Rob Halford and RHCP. (Read here)



On January 10, Loudwire announced the winners of the 6th Annual Loudwire Music Awards, BABYMETAL became winner in 5 categories: "Best Metal Album of 2016" "Best Metal Song of 2016", "Best Live Act of 2016" and "Most Devoted Fans of 2016", while Su-Metal won "Rock Goddess Of The Year". (Read more here



On January 11 BABYMETAL played at Gocheok Sky Dome in Seoul, South Korea. Their first time in this country and their first time opening for Metallica. The show also featured the debut of a new God Of Bass replacing BOH, Isamu Takita. (Show report) Hours after the show were published by media several photos of the girls hanging out with one of their favorite artists. (See more here


The same day BABYMETAL announced the pre-release "Live At Tokyo Dome - THE ONE Limited Edition".


January 16, Alternative Press Japan announced the final results of the Readers Poll 2016 featuring BABYMETAL in most of the categories, and winning 2 "Album Of The Year" and "Best Music Video". (Read more here



BABYMETAL was featured in Nikkei Kogyo Shimbun Newspaper Edition January 20, 2017. An article about BABYMETAL's concept appears in the first page of the newspaper! (Read more here)



On January 21 BABYMETAL played their first show supporting Guns N' Roses Japan Tour 2017, the show took place at Kyocera Dome Osaka. The tour continued on January 22 at Kobe World Memorial Hall in Kobe.


On January 23 BABYMETAL release THE ONE Members Project 2017 in addition they announced a limited edition event for THE ONE Members Project to take place on April 1, 2017 (FOX DAY)! Just like the previous year when BABYMETAL hosted an Event for "THE ONE OF THE ONE", this time will host an event for five THE ONE Members! (Read here)



The same day, Jazz Pianist Hitomi Nishiyama and also confesed fan of BABYMETAL chooses her 3 favorite albums of 2016 on Music Book. Her Top3 features BABYMETAL's new Album "Metal Resistance". (Read more here)



On January 25 current Kami Band God Of Guitar Takayoshi Ohmura released his nnew Album called "Cerberus" including a CD and 2 DVD. The Audio CD features 6 cover songs, 5 with guest vocalists featuring songs from Metallica, Megadeth, Evanescence, Arch Enemy and Dream Theater. (Details


The same day took place the 3rd date of the Guns N' Roses Japan Tour 2017 at Yokohama Arena in Yokohama, the tour closed at Saitama Super Arena on January 29. At Yokohama Arena the girls met Duff McKagan and Slash, while at Saitama Super Arena the girls had the chance to hang out with all members of Guns N' Roses. (See photos


On February 1 Japan Info released an interesting article about popular BABYMETAL live performances. From their beginnings to Wembley Arena. (Read here


On February 10 BABYMETAL appeared on Metal Hammer issue 293, exclusive live report from Gocheok Sky Dome in Seoul, South Korea where BABYMETAL was the support act for Metallica for very first time. Metal Hammer talked with Su-Metal and Kobametal about the experience of opening for the Metal Master. (Read more here


On February 11 Mainichi News published an article about Asahikawa Eiryo High School Wind Unit whom became popular by performing BABYMETAL songs, they were interviewed about their first live on February 17. (Read here


On February 15 Su-Metal appeared in the cover of the new Kerrang Magazine issue 1658 as she was featured in the new list of "Kerrang's 50 greatest Rockstars in the world right now". Su-Metal appeared #39 and also was interviewed by Kerrang to talk about it. (Read more here)


March 2017 started with an announcement as BABYMETAL decided the World Premiere for the latest Live Video work for "Live At Tokyo Dome" plus announced "BABYMETAL Film Fes Tour", 15 Works to trace their career from their beginnings to "Live At Wembley".


On March 3 Sakura Gakuin released their 7th Studio Album "Yakusoku". This is the second album released by the group after Yui Mizuno and Moa Kikuchi graduation and the fifth after Suzuka Nakamoto's graduation. 


On March 6, Korn announced the tour dates of their Summer Tour in United States "The Serenity Of Summer" Tour including dates from June to August 2017. BABYMETAL was confirmed to join their tour in June. (Read more here


On March 7 Suzuka Nakamoto's former group Karen Girl's got a feature almost 10 years after their debut. Their song "Over The Future" was highlighted on Da Vinci News regarding 10 Animelo Summer Live acts that can't be overlooked. (Read more here


March 13, BABYMETAL is officially announced with the "Excellence Award" in the "Digital Contents Of The Year 2016" in the 22nd Annual AMD Awards. BABYMETAL's producer Kobametal attended to the ceremony in place of the girls. (Read more here


On March 25 Sakura Gakuin 2016 Students Sara Kurashima and Mirena Kurosawa graduated from the group. The three BABYMETAL members Suzuka, Yui and Moa attended to the ceremony. (See Photo). 


April started with the second anniversary of FOX DAY. On FOX DAY BABYMETAL announced on FOX DAY a Japanese Tour for THE ONE members and also for regular fans which will take in Japan in July and August of 2017. Each festival features for specific themes for fans! Festivals feature: Black Kitsune Festival, Red Kitsune Festival, Golden Kitsune Festival, White Kitsune Festival, Silver Kitsune Festival.


On April 11 BABYMETAL released the very expected DVD/Bluray from the Tokyo Dome performances "Live At Tokyo Dome". Tower Records and different records stores in Japan supported the release decorating their stores with different photos and stands of the band including a very speecial event in Tower Records Shinjuku exhibited BABYMETAL Costumes worn at the Tokyo Dome performances in September 2016 plus Live Photos from the performances. 


On April 12 BABYMETAL joined Red Hot Chili Peppers US Tour at the Verizon Center in Washington. After they played on April 14, 15, 17, 19, 22, 24, 26, 27 and finished their support appearances at American Airlines Arena in Miami on April 29. (Show reports


On April 13, Oricon announced that BABYMETAL's latest release "Live At Tokyo Dome" in Bluray format reached the #1 on Oricon Bluray Chart. (Read more here)


On April 17 OK Music Japan published an article with the most requested songs of BABYMETAL at Karaoke. Due their popularity and catchy songs BABYMETAL is also becoming popular at Karaoke. (Read more here


On April 18 Oricon Style released an article about the success on sales of the new BABYMETAL's Video work for "Live At Tokyo Dome" which sold 37.000 copies in the first week of sales as the release became #1 on Oricon Music Video Ranking. (Read more here


On April 22 Suzuka Nakamoto reached 200 live appearances as Su-Metal at the Verizon Arena in North Little Rock. (Show report


On April 24 at the Veterans Memorial Arena in Jacksonville BABYMETAL played its show #200. 200 live appearances also for Yuimetal and Moametal since they had one show less than Suzuka performing as Su-Metal. (Show report)


Also on April 24 Kami Band bassist BOH was interviewed by DiskUnion to promote the debut album of his project with Mikio Fujioka and Yuya Maeta. BOH shares experiences from his very beginnings playing bass, his favorite bassists and songs from Kari Band's debut CD "Kari Ongen - Demo". (Read here


On April 26 Kami Band members BOH, Mikio Fujioka and Yuya Maeta released the debut Album of their project "Kari Band". "Kari Ongen - Demo" is a Jazz Fusion 6 track CD. The side project Kari Band released their album also on Spotify and Amazon Global having great reaction overseas. 



On April 28 BABYMETAL with "Live At Tokyo Dome" Bluray Regular Edition made the #1 on CDJ Export Chart Top40 Bluray/DVD department as CD Japan announced their new chart to feature best sellers based on salers chart outside Japan featuring "Live At Tokyo Dome" in #1.



On April 29 BABYMETAL finished the US Tour supporting the Red Hot Chili Peppers at the American Airlines ARena in Miami. During the last song of the show "Gimme Chocolate" Red Hot Chili Peppers members Chad Smith, Flea, Josh Klinghoffer and support member Nate Walcott joined Kami Band on stage dressed as Kami Band members to perform the whole song. Su-Metal introduced them as Chad-Metal, Flea-Metal, Jay-Metal and Nate-Metal. (Show report


May started with news from Kami Band as LEDA's band Far East Dizain announce "Dizainerve" 6 Track Mini Album.


On May 2 Idol Lovers published an interesting article about BABYMETAL costumes but not only that, their changes through the different eras in their career from their beginnings in 2010/2011 to 2017. (Read here)


On May 24 LEDA's band Far East Dizain released "Dizainerve".


On May 29 Sakura Gakuin & BABYMETAL were featured on Tokyo Girl's Update "Aftershool Superstars" (Read here)


On June 2 was announced that BABYMETAL "Live At Wembley" #9 on Amazon Japan's DVD/Bluray Half Year 2017 Ranking. (Details)


On June 12 BABYMETAL's Music Video for "Ijime, Dame, Zettai" reached 20.000.000 views on Youtube.


On June 16 BABYMETAL played their first Headline Show of the year 2017 at The Palladium. The Special Headline Show in Los Angeles featured BABYMETAL's first openinig act as HELLYEAH opened the event. The performance featured the live debut of "From Dusk Till Dawn" the only BABYMETAL song from "Metal Resistance" that wasn't played live yet. (Show report)


On June 18 BABYMETAL played their first show supporting Korn's US Tour "The Serenity Of Summer", the first show took place at Isleta Amphitheater in Albuquerque, as some fans said "in the middle of nowhere". The tour was followed by performances in Chula Vista on June 20, Inglewood on June 21, Mountain View on June 22, Pain In The Grass 2017 on June 24 and Idaho on June 25


On June 20 BABYMETAL played their second show supporting Korn US Tour, this time at Mattres Firm Amphitheatre in Chula Vista, during "KARATE" Su-Metal announced Yuimetal's birthday! Yui was very suprised and emotional! 


Also on June 20 BABYMETAL was interviewed via email by NBC San Diego from United States to explain in a few questions their concept and who is the FOX GOD. (Read here)


On June 21 Su-Metal is featured in the new issue of Rock Sound Magazine August 2017 as she was #48 on '50 Music Influential And Important Figures in Music in 2017". The feature includes a brief comment from Suzuka and a poster from 2016 photoshoot. (Read more here)


On June 25 BABYMETAL finished their US Tour supporting Korn at Ford Idaho Center in Nampa, Idaho. 


On June 28 Suzuka Nakamoto as Su-Metal has been featured on Toretame as they published a Top5 with the best singers from Majo Labels in the Idol Scene! Su-Metal is #1 on the Idol Singing Ability Top5 thanks to her activities with BABYMETAL. (Read more here)


On July 18 BABYMETAL started their Japan tour "The Five FOX Festival" at Akasaka BLITZ in Tokyo. The Black Festival featured the return of Akumu No Rondo and Head Bangya to the Setlist, in addition Kami Band reached 150 shows on this day. The tour followed on July 19, Red Festival and continued for third consecutive day on July 20 also at Akasaka BLITZ with Gold Festival.


On June 21 was officially confirmed by media that Cartoon Network's TV Show "Unikitty" will feature a new song by BABYMETAL to be the theme song of the show. (Read here)


Also on the same day, Suzuka Nakamoto as Su-Metal is featured in a new Goo's Ranking about successful young artists on what they do. Young Japanese artists that are getting attention thanks to their "geniusness". (Learn more here


The tour continued on July 25 with Silver Festival at Zepp DiverCity followed by White Festival on July 26 at the same venue. 



On July 31, Goo published another interesting ranking. This time featuring people talking about the Japanese artists they are proud of being pouplar overseas. BABYMETAL reached the Top 5 becoming #4 while Perfume is #3. (Read here


On August 2 BABYMETAL was interviewed in Japan by Kerrang! Magazine to talk about their experience performing with legendary bands like Red Hot Chili Peppers, Metallica, Guns N' Roses, Korn and Stone Sour. (Read here)


On August 08 and 09 BABYMETAL played two more dates of "Five FOX Festival in Japan" at Zepp Nagoya. 


On August 10 Jonathan Davis lead singer of the NuMetal band Korn talk about his impression on BABYMETAL's music and concept on Musik Express from Germany as they made him listen "KARATE". Davis says that BABYMETAL is amazing. (Read here


On August 18 Suzuka Nakamoto as Su-Metal had the chance to speak with FM 820 Bintang Garden. Su-Metal talk about BABYMETAL's 6th Year appearance at Summer Sonic and their first opportunity to perform at the main stage. (Read here)



On August 19 and August 20 BABYMETAL returns to Summer Sonic for 6th consecutive year. This year they perform in Osaka and Tokyo as they played only in Osaka in 2016. BABYMETAL played 8 songs as co-headliner before Foo Fighters. Show report. (Photos here and here



On August 29 and 30 BABYMETAL closed their headline tour "Five FOX Festival in Japan" at Zepp Osaka Bayside. 


On August 30 Heavy Metal Japan published a report dedicated to the final results of Download Festival 2018 polls on Social Networks to know what are the most expected artists by the audience. BABYMETAL reached the Top20 thanks to their support on Twitter. (Read here)


On September 22 BABYMETAL announced the release of a new DVD package to be sold in lottery system to only 500 THE ONE Members. The set includes 5 DVDs featuring one of each Five FOX Festivals in Tokyo plus one of each masks of the Festivals. (Read here)


On September 26 and September 27 BABYMETAL played the first 2 shows of "Kyodai FOX Festival in Japan" (Big FOX Festival in Japan) at Saitama Super Arena. 


To be continued...

Biography wrote by: Maik Gianino.

Sources: Karen Girl's AmuseZettai Karen ChildrenAmuseSakura GakuinBABYMETAL's WikipediaBABYMETAL., Youtube Videos (linked above), Shuki Maeta, Personal notes by the autor, and BABYMETAL Newswire.