Sakura Gakuin News 2013

BABYMETAL "Death Match Tour" & Ayami Muto live debut as solo artist featured on Quick Japan Vol.111

BABYMETAL "Death Match 'May Revolution' Tour 2013" and Sakura Gakuin 2011 Nendo Graduate Ayami Muto are featured in Quick Japan issue Vol.111. The content features interviews with BABYMETAL & Ayami and live photos from the performances. Check the scans below. 


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Sakura Gakuin introduce "Ganbare!" & talk about costumes for Halloween Event 2013

Sakura Gakuin 2013 were interviewed by Kawaii Girl Japan to introduce their new Single called "Ganbare!" but also talk about their ideas for Halloween costumes and event information about the Halloween Event in November. Watch the interview with English Subtitles plus Barks Kawaii Japan article translated! 


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2013.10.02 - Sakura Gakuin show their skills on Music x ID

Sakura Gakuin went to Music x ID show to have fun and show their special skills. Most of the girls showed great skills other like Aiko, Moa, Raura or Yui didn't showed special skills. Watch the full video with english subtitles.


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2013.08.29 - Sakura Gakuin Nendo 2013 on Big One Girls No.18

Sakura Gakuin Nendo 2013 members where featured on Big One Girls No.18 released on August 29 of 2013. The release included a Sakura Gakuin live report, Tokyo Idol Festival 2013 and awesome photos of the girls! Check the high quality scans below! 

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Moa Kikuchi interview & feature on Big Comic Spirits Magazine Vol.34

Sakura Gakuin 2013 Nendo student Moa Kikuchi was featured in the cover with Yuriya Suzuki from Cheeky Parade and Aika Hirota from Shiritsu Ebisu Chugaku, also the trio was interviewed by Big Comic Spirits Magazine! Very interesting, fun and cute interview! Read the translation and check the scans below! 


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2013.07.31 - Moa & Yui interviewed on BIG ONE GIRLS Magazine

Moa Kikuchi and Yui Mizuno were interviewed on Big One Girls Magazine Nº17 on July 31 of 2013 to talk about the Sakura Gakuin 4th Graders, Nene Sugisaki, Marina Horiuchi, Hinata Sato and Raura Iida. Also they talk about their personal news.

Interview translated courtesy of YMJapan

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2013.06.19 - Yui's diary "I wish you will listen to Megitsune"

Yui Mizuno as Yuimetal wrote a new diary on Sakura Gakuin to talk about the new BABYMETAL Single "Megitsune". The Single was released including a Music Video (also known as Promotional Video) showing off many details of the Japanese culture. Yui speaks about "Megitsune" and also about her 14th Birthday! Diary translated below. 


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2013.05.27 - Suzuka Nakamoto Graduation Memorial on BIG ONE GIRLS

Suzuka Nakamoto Graduation Memorial published on BIG ONE GIRLS Nº16 released on May 27 of 2013 to promote the new BABYMETAL Single at that time "Megitsune". Suzuka makes mention to her last event as Sakura Gakuin member, the Graduation Photobook Launch Events at Tower Records Shinjuku and Shosen Book Tower in April of 2013. Read her memorial translated by YMJapan below. 

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2013.05.27 - BABYMETAL members impressions about each other on BIG ONE GIRLS 

BIG ONE GIRLS interviewed Suzuka Nakamoto, Yui Mizuno and Moa Kikuchi on issue number 16 released on May 27 of 2013. One of the several interview sections with the girls was "Impressions" to talk about each other. Find out what the BABYMETAL girls think about each other. Interview translated by YMJapan.


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2013.05.27 - BIG ONE GIRLS "Sweet Impressions" with Moa Kikuchi and Yui Mizuno

BIG ONE GIRLS interviewed Suzuka Nakamoto, Yui Mizuno and Moa Kikuchi on issue number 16 released on May 27 of 2013. One of the several interview sections with the girls was "Sweet Impressions" a special corner with Moa Kikuchi and Yui Mizuno to answer as Sakura Gakuin members. Read translation thanks to YMJapan


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2013.05.27 - BABYMETAL and Sakura Gakuin on Big One Girls No. 16

BABYMETAL and Sakura Gakuin Nendo 2013 members were featured and interviewed on BIG ONE GIRLS issue number 16 released on May 27 of 2013. The issue features the new Sakura Gakuin members and also promotes BABYMETAL after the great "Death Match 'May Revolution' Tour" and the upcoming release of "Megitsune". Check the high quality scans below. 

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2013.04.15 - Suzuka Nakamoto Touji Letter to Sakura Gakuin students on her Photobook

Suzuka Nakamoto wrote a Touji Letter in response to the Souji Letter wrote by Sakura Gakuin students before her graduation. Nakamoto shared her deep thoughts about her stay on Sakura Gakuin, please read the explanation of Touji and Souji courtesy of our collaborator Ken Tabise and the  translation below courtesy of: YMJapan 

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2013.04.15 - Suzuka Nakamoto Graduation Photobook Interview

Very intimate interview to Suzuka Nakamoto was published on her Graduation Photobook released on Abril 15 of 2013. She talks about her stay in Sakura Gakuin sinces the early days until her graduation. Her point of view, her last year as President Council, and what she thinks about others think about her. Very intimate and emotional interview with the charismatic, talented and beautiful Suzuka Nakamoto


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2013.04.15 - Graduation Photobook farewell letters to Suzuka Nakamoto

The farewell messages of the Sakura Gakuin girls to Suzuka Nakamoto before her Graduation. The letters were published on the Suzuka Nakamoto Graduation Photobook released on April 15 of 2013. The deep, intimate and full of emotion messages from the girls on the Graduation Photobook are translated below courtesy of: YMJapan.

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Natalie's report: Suzuka Nakamoto graduates from Sakura Gakuin

Natalie's report from Sakura Gakuin 2012 Nendo last performance "The Road To Graduation Final" where Sakura Gakuin Students Council President Suzuka Nakamoto along with Mariri Sugimoto graduated from Sakura Gakuin. Read the report translated and a beautiful album of photos below.


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2013.03.31 - Suzuka's last diary: "With a heartful gratitude"

On March 31 of 2013 Suzuka Nakamoto wrote her last diary before her graduation. With a very emotive last diary Suzuka thanked to all Fukei-Sans and the Sakura Gakuin members, also mentioned a very important person for her, Mikiko-Sensei. 

Read the last diary wrote by Suzuka Nakamoto before her graduation. Translation by Hitoshi Sugioka


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2013.03.20 - Tower Records Graduation Special Interview with Suzuka Nakamoto

One of the best interviews with Suzuka Nakamoto so far and probably one of the best interviews related with Sakura Gakuin. Tower Records President Ikuo Minewaki interviewed Suzuka a few days before of her Graduation. Watch the 4 parts interview with english subtitles.


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HMV News 'My Graduation Toss' Interview with Suzuka, Moa, Marina & Ooga

Sakura Gakuin students Suzuka Nakamoto, Moa Kikuchi, Marina Horiuchi and Ooga Saki were interviewed on HMV News Japan to introduce their new Single "My Graduation Toss", which is Suzuka Nakamoto's graduation song from Sakura Gakuin. Read this very fun interview with very emotional parts translated below. 


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2013.02.28 - Sakura Gakuin interview on Niko Niko

Sakura Gakuin members, Suzuka Nakamoto, Nene Sugisaki, Marina Horiuchi, Moa Kikuchi, Saki Ooga and Yui Mizuno were interviewed on Niko Niko to promote the new Sakura Gakuin Single (at that moment) "My Graduation Toss" and the new Album "My Generation".

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Suzuka on harsh moments on Sakura Gakuin, Yui & Moa about "My Graduation Toss" & "Mezase!" on KGJ

Interesting, fun and also deep interview with Sakura Gakuin 2012 Nendo members featuring comments by Suzuka Nakamoto as Students President, also Moa Kikuchi, Yui Mizuno and the rest of the 2012 Nendo students. They talk about the new Single "My Graduation Toss", harsh moments on Sakura Gakuin, BABYMETAL, and the upcoming Suzuka's graduation! Check the video with English subtitles below. 


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2013.02.09 - Suzuka Nakamoto Graduation featured on Sakura Times Newspaper

Sakura Gakuin Nendo 2013 Students Council President Suzuka Nakamoto was featured on Tokyo's Newspaper Sakura Times about her Graduation from Sakura Gakuin on March 31 of 2013 and her activities with BABYMETAL, check the scans below. 


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2013.02.09 - Sakura Gakuin on BOOM Magazine, March 2013

Sakura Gakuin Nendo 2012 members lead by the Students Council President Suzuka Nakamoto - Su-Metal, were featured on BOOM Magazine March 2013 released on February of 2013. The members of Nendo 2012 were introduced before the Graduation events in March where Suzuka Nakamoto and Mariri Sugimoto graduated that year. Check the high quality scans below! 


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BABYMETAL talk "Ijime, Dame, Zettai", Kitsune Sign, personal activities on HOTWAVE

BABYMETAL was interviewed on HOTWAVE, their debut at the popular TV Show was held to promote the release of its Major Single "Ijime, Dame, Zettai" released on January 9, 2013. Expect many cute moments, funny moments and many personal questions answered! Full interview with English Subtitles below! 


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Sakura Gakuin Special: Suzuka Yui & Moa on "Saku Saku"

Here is a Sakura Gakuin special of 3 parts to enjoy the interviews on Saku Saku with Yui Mizuno and Moa Kikuchi first, and then a second and third part with Suzuka Nakamoto, Yui Mizuno and Moa Kikuchi. Three parts on a special Youtube playlist to enjoy. 

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2013.01.16 - Suzuka's diary about Sakura Gakuin "Magic Melody"

Suzuka Nakamoto diary entry about the new Sakura Gakuin song "Magic Melody" in collaboration with "Maho no i land". Su talks about the experience of recording the song and wearing a different outfit to feel more confortable with the song. Read the diary translated below. 


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Sakura Gakuin 2012 Nendo appreciation surprise party to Suzuka Nakamoto

Someday back in January 2013 Sakura Gakuin 2012 Nendo students lead by Marina organized a beautiful appreciation surprise party to celebrate Suzuka Nakamoto's graduation. Check the content taken from "My Generation" CD/DVD with English Subtitles. 


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