BABYMETAL Interviews Year 2017

Su-Metal talk about Summer Sonic 2017 & Foo Fighters on FM 802 Bintang Garden

Suzuka Nakamoto as Su-Metal had the chance to speak with FM 820 Bintang Garden. Su-Metal talk about BABYMETAL's 6th Year appearance at Summer Sonic and their first opportunity to perform at the main stage. Check her comments translated below. 


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Jonathan Davis talk BABYMETAL on Musik Express: "When I first heard them I was: 'This is amazing'"

Jonathan Davis lead singer of the NuMetal band Korn talk about his impression on BABYMETAL's music and concept on Musik Express from Germany as they made him listen "KARATE". Davis says that BABYMETAL is amazing. Check the segment of the interview below. 


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BABYMETAL talk touring with Metallica, Guns N' Roses, Korn & Stone Sour on Kerrang! Magazine

BABYMETAL was interviewed in Japan by Kerrang! Magazine to talk about their experience performing with legendary bands like Red Hot Chili Peppers, Metallica, Guns N' Roses, Korn and Stone Sour. They also speak about their current "The Five FOX Festival in Japan". Full interview transcripted below. 


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BABYMETAL's Choreographer MIKIKO interviewed in English: "Small Talk With Big Names"

Perfume, Sakura Gakuin and BABYMETAL Choreographer MIKIKO was interviewed in English to talk about her career, her choreographies making process, her life in United States, learning English language and more! Check the interview below! 


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Su-Metal talk with Rock Sound as is #48 on "50 Music Influential And Important Figures in Music in 2017"

Su-Metal is featured in the new issue of Rock Sound Magazine August 2017 as she is #48 on '50 Music Influential And Important Figures in Music in 2017". The feature includes a brief comment from Suzuka and a poster from 2016 photoshoot! Check the content below. 


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NBC San Diego interviews BABYMETAL: "Hope we are able to do what’s only possible by BABYMETAL"

BABYMETAL was interviewed via email by NBC San Diego from United States to explain in a few questions their concept and who is the FOX GOD! In addition Moametal mentioned that they eventually don't want to be considered a novelty anymore. Check the interview below! 


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Dragonforce talk BABYMETAL on MTV Japan: " BABYMETAL's style and performances have special things"

Dragonforce members Herman Li and Frederic Leclercq were interviewed by MTV Japan to promote their upcoming Japan Tour and release of their new album "Reaching Into Infinity". They also were asked about Japanese Music, Culture and BABYMETAL. Read a summary translated below. 


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俺たちは、またも独占インタビューをコミュニティーと共有できるのでとてもうれしい! DRAGONFORCEとは二度目のインタビューになる! 今回は、ハーマン・リで、彼は"Road of Resistance"でBABYMETALとコラボし、さらにダウンロード・フェスティバル2015、それにメタル・ハマー・ゴールデン・ゴッズ・アワーズで二度共演している! DRAGONFORCEのハーマン・リとのインタビューを読んでみてくれ!


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Newswire Interview with BABYMETAL's friend Herman Li of DragonForce!

We are extremely happy to share with our community another exclusive interview! Our second interview with DragonForce! This time with Herman Li, he colloborated with BABYMETAL for "Road Of Resistance" played with BABYMETAL twice at Download Festival 2015 and Metal Hammer Golden Gods Awards 2015! Please read our interview with Herman Li of DragonForce


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Corey Taylor talk becoming BABYMETAL fan on Morning After "They're just fun to watch!"

Corey Taylor talk BABYMETAL interviewed on Morning After show from 100.3 xRock FM. In order to promote the support appearances on Korn's US Tour he was asked about BABYMETAL and how he became fan of them. Listen the interview or read the transcription below.


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Herman Li on Nocturne talk BABYMETAL: "They are very professional. We played a show without rehearsing!"

Herman Li guitarist of Dragonforce who worked with BABYMETAL for "Road Of Resistance" and played with them live twice at Download Festival 2015 and Golden Gods Awards 2015 was interviewed by Nocturne. Here is a segment of the interview where he talks about BABYMETAL


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BOH interviewed on DiskUnion talk his beginnings, favorite bassists & Kari Band!

BABYMETAL Kami Band God Of Bass BOH was interviewed by DiskUnion to promote the debut album of his project with Mikio Fujioka and Yuya Maeta. BOH shares experiences from his very beginnings playing bass, his favorite bassists and songs from Kari Band's debut CD "Kari Ongen - Demo". Read the main questions of the interview translated below. 


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Scott & Rivers talk BABYMETAL as KARATE is #2 on NME Japan "Ten Of My Favorite Japanese Classics"

Rivers Coumo (former member of Weezer) and Scott Murphy (Allister & Monoeyes among other bands) have created a project called "Scott & Murphy" which is devolped in Japan. They were interviewed by NME Japan to talk about Ten Japanese Classics, which features BABYMETAL's "KARATE". Scott & Rivers talked about BABYMETAL. Read a summary translated below. 


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X Japan's Yoshiki interviewed on Fuse: "I love BABYMETAL!"

Leader of X Japan Yoshiki was interviewed about their performance at Wembley Arena in UK this month and their activities. In one of the questions was asked about BABYMETAL, Yoshiki showed once again his support to the band. Read more in the summary below. 


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Su-Metal interviewed as she is #39 on Kerrang's 50 greatest Rockstars in the world right now!

Su-Metal appears in the cover of the new Kerrang Magazine issue 1658 as she is featured in the new list of "Kerrang's 50 greatest Rockstars in the world right now". Su-Metal appears #39 and also was interviewed by Kerrang to talk about it. Check the content and full transcription below. 


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Aiko Yamaide interviews Sakura Gakuin's tutor Mori-Sensei!

Sakura Gakuin 2016 Nendo Vice President Aiko Yamaide published in 2 separate diaries a very extensive interview with Sakura Gakuin Tutor, Mori-Sensei! Very nice interview to help Fukei-san to learn more about Mori Hayashi including some thoughts from Aiko about Mori's answers! Read both diaries translated below. 


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Eddie of Suicide Silence talk BABYMETAL: "I like them a lot, they remind me the music of my favorite anime"

Vocalist of the popular deathcore band Suicide Silence from United States Hernan "Eddie" Hermida" was interviewed on Live with Music to talk about their new music, in one of the question "Eddie" is asked about BABYMETAL. Check the segment of the interview below. 


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Himeka Nakamoto & Nogizaka46 members praise BABYMETAL & Kami Band on Young Guitar March 2017

Himeka Nakamoto and Nogizaka46 members of Nogizaka's sub-unit "Nogidan" are interviewed on Young Guitar Magazine March 2017. They are asked about BABYMETAL, all of them praise the band. Himeka talk Yuimetal, Moametal, Kami Band and about her sister Su-Metal. Read the segment translated below. 


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Metal Hammer: "BABYMETAL Militia. When Metallica met BABYMETAL"

Metal Hammer issue 293 released an exclusive live report from Gocheok Sky Dome in Seoul, South Korea where BABYMETAL appeared as support act for Metallica for very first time. Metal Hammer talk with Su-Metal and Kobametal about the experience of opening for the Metal Master. Full transcription below. 


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Choreographer Mikiko: "Members of BABYMETAL love to imagine and have flexible thinking"

BABYMETAL choreographer Mikiko was interviewed on The Best Times to talk about her work as chorographer. In a few questions she was asked about BABYMETAL, she praised their dancing quality. Read the summary translated below. 


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Mori Kiyoharu talk Japanese music & BABYMETAL on Music Voice Japan

Japanese singer and composer Mori Kiyoharu was interviewed on Music Voice. In one of the questions he is asked about the "Japanese Things" in the actual music in Japan. He talks about Japanese music, Overseas music, BABYMETAL and Japanese singing in English. Segment of the interview translated below. 


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