Guide: How to become "THE ONE" 

Guide to become a member of "THE ONE": 

Guide: Learn how to become THE ONE, create your account on Tenso and buy on A!Smart. 

Note 1: THE ONE Members Project 2016 registration process is similar to THE ONE 2015, feel free to follow the last year's steps.  

Note 2: For THE ONE Members Project Fiscal Year 2016 is available the account transfer, please read the details below. 



Go to BABYMETAL's Official Store "A!Smart" and find "THE ONE" Hood Towel which includes the code to become THE ONE member,  CLICK HERE


STEP 2: 

Buy the Hood Towel which includes the code to create the account, the code arrives along with the Hood Towel, is not a digital code. 

  • If you are Japanese, you need to create an account on A!Smart, and follow the steps normally. 
  • If you are from outside Japan, you will need the services of Tenso. Overseas customers can purchase products without an A!Smart but need Tenso. Tenso is an international forwarding service.  For more details and to create your account please visit this link:


Once your product is delivered to's storehouse in Japan, you are required to pay the shipping fee. Upon payment, will process your order and ship overseas your package.


Please notice that Tenso doesn't ship worldwide (Check countries list here). Also notice that Tenso is very strict to create the account, basically, you have to enter your basic information (Double check, this is very important) and follow every step.

The steps to create an account are not complicated but you need real information, like ID, Address, everything very detailed including scans of your personal ID (Proofs of Identification and proof of address, more here), please notice. 


After the account it's created, Tenso will email your Tenso ID including your Tenso addres to use on A!Smart.

For more details please visit:


STEP 2-1:

To buy on A!Smart, simply add the items you want to your basket (in this case THE ONE Hood Towel), and then go to your cart. After that proceed to checkout, A!Smart automatically will detect you are from outside Japan and will lead you to a new screen to put your Tenso Address (Please notice that you have to complete STEP 2 to make this happen). Using your address and adding your paymental details click on confirm. 


Finally you bought your THE ONE Hood Towel 

You will receive an email from A!Smart (usually in english) confirming your buy and thanking for your order. 


STEP 2-2:

When the items are shipped you will receive a second email (now in Japanese) confirming that the item or items were shipped including a tracking number. 


When the item arrives to Tenso, will send you an email (in English) telling you that the item arrived and ready to be inspected and awaiting for your payment. Once you chosen the shipping options and paid the item, you will receive a new email (in English) with the confirmation. When the item was shipped you will receive another email (in English) including the tracking number. 



Once you received the Hood Towel with the "Proof Of Baptism" which basically means a disc card with THE ONE logo and the code. 

Your code it's hidden so flip the disc and scratch the silver area. Please notice, this code is unique you can't use it again. 



Now it's time to go to and use your code to redeem it and create your THE ONE account. New feature of THE ONE 2016, if you were member of THE ONE 2015 you can transfer your account to THE ONE 2016



Click on the "Register" button at the botton of the page in the left side of the "Log in" options. 



STEP 4.1: (Transfered members)

To transfer your account click in the first button. 

Your previous account will appear, just log in. 




Enter the code mentioned above. 

Your email address. 


Click on "Accept Terms" button below. 



After that you will see the next screen showing you that the email has been sent, please check. 



When the email arrived click on the link provided and will lead you to the next step.



STEP 5.1: (Transfered members)

Once you clicked, and your account appeared, just put the 10 digits code, please notice that your email will be in the email field, to change it just change it there. Accept the terms and conditions an go on with the process. 


Time to select your Metal name! 

Just in case your selected name was already in use by another user you will have to use an alternative idea or add numbers. 


Please notice that your Metal name must be written in all caps only. Your name don't need to have "Metal" on it, that's included in your account. For Example: NEWSWIREMETAL, wrong! Just put: NEWSWIRE and the system will add METAL later. 


This user name plus the password will help you to log in on THE ONE site but also to buy items on A!Smart because their system requires log in on A!Smart with your Metal name and password for limited edition items. 


Write your full name (Double check, this is very important information!) in the next box and then select from where you are below. If you are not from Japan your option is "Other than Japan", and then write the name of your country. 


To enter the date of birth please make sure that you have to write it as: Year, Month, Day (known also as yyyymmdd) wihout any spaces. 


Finally select your genre and click on "Confirmation" button. 


We beg you to double check everything you did before ending the signing because this is very important information to buy items, tickets and mostly to show that you are a THE ONE member in case you attend to Limited Shows only for Fan Club members (For example The Black Mass or The Red Mass) 


STEP 6.1 (Transfered members):


Once you put your new code and accepte the terms and conditions, your account will be provisionally set up until you receive the activation email with a link to the site and activate your new account.


STEP 6.2 (Transfered members): 

After you the click in the activation link, the site will lead to the last step of the registration. The confirmation of your personal and real information, you can change your Passoword, and confirm your real name and surname. Don't make mistakes. 


Then, with all the details confirmed, click in the registration button and your account will be completed and ready to use until December 31 of 2016. 



You already double checked the details and assuming that your Metal name is not already in use you will find in the last Step. The next screen will ask you to confirm the previous details. 


Check again, there is a "Modification" button in case you need to change something, if not click on "Sign Up" and it's done! 


You are now a member of THE ONE, the one and only BABYMETAL THE ONE Member Project! 


STEP 7.1 (Transfered members):

Once your account is created, you can updated your Profile uploading a Photo ID to your account just in case you plan to attend to one of the BABYMETAL shows hosted by THE ONE during this year. If not, you don't really need to add a Photo ID.