BABYMETAL "The FOX GOD Army Rises" at Zepp DiverCity, feature on Metal Hammer

BABYMETAL "Five FOX Festival" White Festival has been featured in the new issue of Metal Hammer. The performance at Zepp DiverCity on July 26. Check the feature including comments from Su-Metal and picture from the latest issue in the following post. 


BABYMETAL "Five FOX Festival" at Zepp DiverCity featured on Metal Hammer Magazine

"The FOX GOD Army Rises"

Proving once more that they're one of the most unique bands to ever hit our world, BABYMETAL held the first ever Five FOX Festival over nine dates across Japan this summer. With each date having different rules for attendance that included male-only, female-only, teens-only and as in this shot taken from one of two shows at Tokyo's DiverCity Plaza, a corpsepaint dress code, it was a chance for Su-Metal, Yuimetal and Moametal to do something a little different. 


"Because the theme for all five events are all different, the audience was completely different ech time, and seeing these changes have been extremely fun for us!" says Su-Metal. "What was really interesting about the audience changing every time was that, based on age and gender, the reaction was completely different. I really hope we can do more of these events in the future." 


We can imagine what bonkers stuff they come up with next, quite frankly.




Article by: Metal Hammer.

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