Billboard Japan: BABYMETAL descends for first time in the Main Stage in their 6th Consecutuve year at Summer Sonic

Billboard Japan live report from BABYMETAL's performance at Summer Sonic Festival 2017 in Tokyo at the Marine Stage. They highlight the intensity of the performance, the great number of fans and Su-Metal interaction with audience. Check the report translated and photos below. 


BABYMETAL at Summer Sonic Tokyo 2017 performance, Billboar Japan live report

BABYMETAL appeared at Summer Sonic's Tokyo Venue on the 20th. This year was their sixth consecutive appearance since 2012, this year they appeared as the second headliner in their first time at Marine Stage and showed off a mastpiece performance. 


Summer Sonic: BABYMETAL has appeared for six consecutive years since their first appearance as the youngest artist to appear in history in 2012. They met Metallica in 2013, on the same stage met Megadeth in 2014 and Marilyn Manson in 2015. Last year they appeared at Sonic Stage in Osaka, but this year they finally descended as second headliner in the same stage along with Foo Fighters. 


BABYMETAL starts the show at the Main Stage as cheers increase. Following their powerful beginning "Gimme Chocolate!!", "Megitsune" and "Catch Me If You Can" when Su-Metal screams "Summer Sonic! We are finally here!" empowering the crowd, cheers increased as the audience started a circle pit storm. While showing cool expresions and occasionally cute smiles during their performance, as they have been in fascinanting number of rock festivals around the world they finished the stage a hot 8 songs performance. 




Report: Billboard Japan

Photos: AndMore Fes.

Translation by: Maik Gianino


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