Su-Metal talk about Summer Sonic 2017 & Foo Fighters on FM 802 Bintang Garden

Suzuka Nakamoto as Su-Metal had the chance to speak with FM 820 Bintang Garden. Su-Metal talk about BABYMETAL's 6th Year appearance at Summer Sonic and their first opportunity to perform at the main stage. Check her comments translated below. 


Su-Metal talk 6th year at Summer Sonic on FM 802 Bintang Garden

Suzuka Nakamoto was had a minute to talk with FM 802 Bintang Garden to share her impressions about BABYMETAL's upcoming performances at Summer Sonic Festival in Osaka and Tokyo this weekend. 


Su-Metal said they are excited to perform at the main stage for very first time in their 6 years in the festival, "when we watched other artists on the main stage up to now, we always thought that was a place where we would like to be"...


She also talk about the main band of the event, "Also, this time the Foo Fighters are the headliners, so we're together at a festival for the first time I wonder which kind of performance it's going to be, and I look forward to learning many things from them." 




Interview by: FM 802 Bintang Garden

Translation & Subtitles: Gakushabaka


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