The TV report: At Sakura Gakuin's "Reading Lesson" everybody has a "strong tongue"

The TV published a live report from Sakura Gakuin's Reading Lesson Open Class at Hamagin Hall Via Mare in Yokohama on August 13 where the Sakura Gakuin students learned and improved their techniques to read, make speeches and read aloud. Report translated plus album of photos below! 


Sakura Gakuin "Reading Lesson" Open Class, live report by The TV

The Idol Group Sakura Gakuin held the event "Reading Lesson" Open Class in Kanagawa at the Hamagin Hall Via Mare on August 13.


Sakura Gakuin "Open Class" is a project which brings experts of each genres as lectures as the students of Sakura Gakuin learn from their knowledge every time, it's done with irregularly. Last year during summer vacations on August 14 was carried out the "Music Lesson" open class, this year was held with Professor Noriko Hazuki the "Reading Lesson". The classes were held in 3 parts which featured different students. 


At each time they practiced vocal exercises, tongue twisters, loud announcements and learned the basics of reading. 


They were challenged to read ghost stories as "ghost story of the day". In the second class Yuzumi Shintani in charge of reading a ghost story and also had an interesting exchange with teacher Mori Hayashi. And Hazuki san sent and advice: "In place of skillful reading, try to read with feelings of the characters." 


The third class featred a corner called "Let's read a Saskura Gakuin song". In each class despiting the "handicap" there were unable to read some Kanji, and everyone was struggling with them. Especially in the third calss, but the transfer student Miki Yagi showed a remarkable growth within the class, and when the curtain went down the teacher Hazuki read a tearful note expression his impressions after the class was ended. 


In addition in the third class was announced that "Street Performance" on September 18 at the same venue. 




Report & Photos by: The TV.

Translation: Hitoshi Sugioka.