Jonathan Davis talk BABYMETAL on Musik Express: "When I first heard them I was: 'This is amazing'"

Jonathan Davis lead singer of the NuMetal band Korn talk about his impression on BABYMETAL's music and concept on Musik Express from Germany as they made him listen "KARATE". Davis says that BABYMETAL is amazing. Check the segment of the interview below. 


Jonathan Davis of Korn talk BABYMETAL concept & music on Musik Express

Jonathan: "I dig BABYMETAL. Is just wrong in every level. Is entertaining as hell. A hook of Asian Pop mix with Metal and the dance they do is just, I mean, how can't be entertained watching that? 


It's a whole vibe, a whole thing, it's not necessary the music, or the girls themselves, is the whole package, the whole thing. 


When I first heard them I was: 'This is amazing', everyone was flipping the hell out, freaking out about it. Hating it or loving it, was supreme, on one way or another, you can love it or hate it. I thought I have seen it all but saw that and 'Woow this is pretty intense'."


Do you understand people who say this is destroying music? 


Jonathan: "This is closed minded people. I mean, I been from both sides of it. There is purist metal people that is pure about their music and want this gotta be in a certain way. And there is other people that just is music and if you dig it you dig it. Who cares? It's not a big deal if you like something like that, calm down."




Interview by: Musik Express