BABYMETAL #4 on Goo's Ranking: Japanese artists ranked by their success overseas

Goo published another interesting ranking. This time featuring people talking about the Japanese artists they are proud of being pouplar overseas. BABYMETAL reached the Top 5 becoming #4 while Perfume is #3. Read the article translated below. 


BABYMETAL is #4 on "Japanese artists ranked by their success overseas"

This time we focus on "Japanese artists active overseas". We asked to 3.132 male and female from teenagers to 60 years old, doing a questionnaire called "What are the Japanese artists you are proud of their overseas activities?" And rank them. 


5th Place, ONE OK ROCK - 

Vocalist Taka san is also famous as Mori Shinichi's son, but not anymore since his band made their own dimension. They are accepted globally as they performed in South America and Europe since 2014, and is expected their activities be increased in the future! 


4th Place, BABYMETAL - 

People comments: 

-"Not only Japanese fans go to overseas lives, there are many foreigns that come to local events."

-"They performed with several artists and also appeared in big festivals."


The 4th place is for BABYMETAL, a female three people unit formed in 2010 with a theme of "fusion of Idol and Metal". They have made 3 successful world tour so far and have been opening in tours for Lady Gaga and they keep being active worldwide. 


3rd Place, Perfume - 

Perfume has been captivating fans around the world by their live innovative dancing and projections mapping. They started going overseas in 2012. Their overseas tours are popular enough to sold out tickets immediately. 


2nd Place, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu - 

Aside she is very popular in Japan, she has a lot of fans overseas and have a very successful world tour in 2013 visiting 13 cities. 


1st Place, Hikaru Utada - 

Utada san has an overwhelming popularity abroad as her new album "Fantome" reached the #6 in national rankings in United States. 


People comment: "I think she is the only Japanese called diva by people from around the world. Not exaggeration." 




Article by: Goo Ranking. 

Translation by: Hitoshi Sugioka.