Kentaro Sakamoto talk Minipati, BABYMETAL, Yui & Moa on "Professor Sakamoto's Game Music Bar"

Pianist Kentaro Sakamoto, better known as Professor Sakamoto speaks about Minipati, BABYMETAL and Yui and Moa as he performs one of the most popular Minipati songs! Read and listen what Sakamoto said about the girls in this post below! 


Professor Sakamoto talks about Mini Patissier and BABYMETAL

Kentaro Sakamoto, popular pianist and also Youtuber known as Professor Sakamoto mentioned in one of his lastest live streams he composed music for Sakura Gakuin's sub-unit Mini Patissier and he also talked about BABYMETAL and Yui Mizuno and Moa Kikuchi


As request, Professor Sakamoto performed "Miracle Paitful Hamburger" of Minipati while he talked about his works for Minipati and their members Yui Mizuno and Moa Kikuchi "now active as BABYMETAL"


Kentaro: "Please play a Minipati song? A Minipati fan?

-Song performed-


Kentaro: "Minipati is a Japanese idol group, and I wrote some music for them. And two of them are famous as BABYMETAL now all over the world, do you know BABYMETAL?"


Kentaro: "Yes, now they've become famous as BM, but the two girls dancing at the side, in the past they were in an unit called Minipati, and I wrote this song for those two girls.


Now they've become quite big, world-wide artists, but in the past they were really little girls, they did their school homework during the recordings."


You can listen his full stream below, in case you want to go straight to Minipati/BABYMETAL section please chec the video starting at 49:00.



Translation by: Gakushabaka