Rockin'On Live Report, BABYMETAL Gold Festival: "Songs and performances impact and impress as a blast"

Rockin' On live report from BABYMETAL's third show of "The Five Kitsune Festival in Japan" at Akasaka BLITZ features details of the show, some quotes from Su-Metal's interaction with audience and a set of photos from the show! Check the report translated below. 


Rockin'On Live Report: BABYMETAL Gold Festival at Akasaka BLITZ

Since the end of last year, BABYMETAL has served as support act in tours of lots of big bands like Red Hot Chili Peppers, Metallica, Gun's N Roses and Korn. The opening of the "Metal Resistance Chapter 5" is being held at 4 venues for 9 live shows "The Five Kitsune Festival in Japan" Tour. 


In addition to the three performances at Akasaka BLITZ limited to Metalhead only (Male) Black Festival, Megitsune (Female) Red Festival, Golden Egg Golden Festival, there will be also limited to Silver Festival featuring fans over 60 years old with "Royal Fox Seat" for elementary school students and White Festival for corpse paint fans. The Five Kitsune Festival is the first domestic one-man lives since Tokyo Dome performances last year. 


Akasaka BLITZ floor filled with teenage audience was anxious for the opening. When the voice made the announcement about The Five Kitsune Festival is the beginning of "Metal Resistance Chapter 5" saying "Teenagers this is the beginning of Golden Kitsune Festival!!", the voices of joy went emotional. 




And when the silhoutte of Su-Metal, Yuimetal and Moametal emerged on stage resembled by the roaring sound of metal of the Kami Band the big cheers went into fever and the voice of Su-Metal called "Welcome to the Gold FOX Festival!! We are happy to see you!!" during Megitsune receiving screams in response. 



The Five Kitsune Festival in Japan will last until August 30 focusing on the contents mentioned, but with songs from the first Album "BABYMETAL" and second album "Metal Resistance". The roar of stadiums class, songs and performances impact and impress as a blast in the close distance venue of Akasaka BLITZ with capacity of about 1.300. 


However the most surprsing thing was the song "Head Bangya!!". Echoing on the floor "Nakimushi na yatsu wa. Koko kara kie-usero", then Gimme Chocolate!! triggered high cheers, and a lot of Kitsune signs, the heat impressed the teenagers. As for the teenagers in the audience that filled the Mosh'sh Pit section met the enthusiast and intense metal  sounds and singing voices of BABYMETAL's music and performance which enthusiasm was hard to take down at Akasaka BLITZ due was called as "rock itself" day. 


While was born as a heterogeneous existence in the rock world with its "Fusion of Metal and Pop" and this time in this "limited type of live" was realized once again that BABYMETAL existence reached to move rock fans around the world. 





Article and photos: Rockin' On.

Translation by: Hitoshi Sugioka. 


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