Photos: Kami Band's Mikio Fujioka Guitar Seminar at Shimamura Matsumoto

Shimablo Matsumoto pubished a live report and a bunch of photos of Mikio Fujioka's guitar seminar! Make sure to check our summary and photos in this post. 


BABYMETAL Kami Band Mikio Fujioka at Shimamura Matsumoto Guitar Seminar

Shimablo's live report catches the best moments and photos from Kami Band's Mikio Fujioka guitar seminar and performance on Sunday July 16. The event featured a guitar seminar, performance, questions & answers and photographies with audience! 


The event held at Nagano Prefecture featured Mikio Fujioka performing one of the songs of "Kari Band" his project with BOH and Yuya Maeta, Mikio played "Common Time's Logic" and Chuku from the debut Albu: "Kari Ongen - Demo"


After held a Question & Answers session with audience and finishing the event performed with Harmony X some melodies he likes very much.


Check the best photos of the event below!




Information and photos by: Shimablo Matsumoto.