Suzuka Nakamoto is #1 on Toretame's Idol Singing Ability Top5!

Suzuka Nakamoto as Su-Metal has been featured on Toretame as they published a Top5 with the best singers from Majo Labels in the Idol Scene! Su-Metal is #1 on the Idol Singing Ability Top5 thanks to her activities with BABYMETAL! Check the article translated below!


Toretame Idol Singing Ability Top5 features Su-Metal as #1

Idols that trully sing really well! This is the announcement of the ranking of Idol Singing Abilitity Top5! This year's major Idol scene showed off major debuts, there are some new talented groups some are stable in their popularity from long ago so we didn't make compete all groups in the same field. 


Such Japanese female Idol scene does have skilled singers to performance songs? 

So this time this author chose Idols out of all Idol lovers' dogmas and prejudices, as "their singing is really good" ranking Idol format! 


We would like to deliver the Best 5 Female Idol Singing Ability based on their High Singing Value.

The ranking includes all Idols who made Major Debut until June 2017.


In the Female Idol Singing Ability the first place of the ranking is for Su-Metal of BABYMETAL. 

In Japan made 2 Day performances at Tokyo Dome, and in 2017 participated in Tours of Red Hot Chili Peppers and Korn, BABYMETAL is active in the whole world. 


The signing voice of Su-Metal who is the main vocalist of BABYMETAL is the center of the attraction, powerful and clear high-pitched vocals over the powerful sounds. 


Su-Metal's singing voice not only decorates the songs also its high energy cause cheers in large audiences around the world, without any doubts the Top Idol of the World. 


Voice with exact tones, and an aura that change colors depending of the color of the music in addition with a sense of stability that never disturbs from note to note, powerful performance... 



01-Suzuka Nakamoto (Su-Metal) of BABYMETAL

02-Sakura Oda of Morning Musume 

03-Aya Yamamoto of NMB48

04-Sayuki Takagi of Juice = Juice

05-Mayo Kawamura of Nogizaka46




Article by: Toretame

Translation by: Hitoshi Sugioka.