Barks live report: BABYMETAL at The Palladium & "From Dusk Till Dawn" live debut

Barks Japan released a live report about BABYMETAL's Special Headline Show in Los Angeles at The Palladium where the band played live for very first time "From Dusk Till Dawn". The show also featured an opening act for very first time. Check the report translated below! 


Barks Japan live report: BABYMETAL Special Headline Show in Los Angeles

BABYMETAL performed a oneman live at The Palladium in Los Angeles on June 16 (local time). Was the first oneman performance in the year with mainly local fans waiting for them. In front of the venue, long lines were arranged from the day before the performance, about 4.000 fans sold out the tickets. The venue was full of euphoria enveloped with hot air. 


This time and for very first time they had a guest act, it was the performance of HELLYEAH with Vinnie Paul former member of Pantera. BABYMETAL appeared just after their Heavy Metal sound. It was their first headline live since Tokyo Dome performacnes in September last year, but this year they focused on support performances, touring with legendary bands such as Red Hot Chili Peppers, Guns N' Roses, Metallica. The experience accumulated was shown on "BABYMETAL Death", "Awadama Fever", "META! Taro", etc. Increasing even more the enthusiasm of the venue unfolding performances like "Megitsune", "KARATE", where Su-Metal made calls and responses in English. The audience responded firmly, the sense of the unity at the venue reached the climax concluding with "THE ONE"


"From Dusk Till Dawn" was unveiled for first time in a live, song has been recorded only for overseas version of "Metal Resistance". Not only its music, but also the dancing showed an emotional majesty, "Road Of Resistance" with strong singing and performance at the venue it felt like the 3 members evolved even further. 





Report by: Barks Japan.

Translation by: Maik Gianino


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