Drum Station & Bass Station presents: Yuya Maeta x Yasuke Morita Rhythm Clinic

Ikebe Gakki have announced a very special seminar to take place in July featuring BABYMETAL Kami Band God Of Drums Yuya Maeta, backup of Hideki Aoyama and now active with Kari Band. Check more details below!


Yuya Maeta x Yasuke Morita Rhythm Clinic on July 2!

Announcement by Ikkebe Gakki:

Yuya Maeta is support for various artists as "Marty Friedman", "BABYMETAL, "LIV MOON" etc, also is active drummer in the recent three members session band "Kari Band", who will also held a rhythm clinic  along with Yasuke Morita who is active doing recordings as well. 


Maeta has a strong image of rock, Morita has a strong image of Jazz, also co-starring with ISAO perform in "Ultimates". In addition as special guest will participate Satoshi Oka who is active in "G.O.D". 


Date: July 1, 2017 (Sunday)

Times: Open Doors 14:30 Start 15:00 Japanese time 

Venue: Akihabara Players Club IkeBECK

Tickets: 3.000Yen (Tax Included)

*Drinks separately: 500Yen (Tax Included)




Information by: Ikke Gakki