Cyzo: Amuse shares plunge, BABYMETAL to increase live performances?

Cyzo article points about some issues Amuse Inc. is having after some unfortunate news were released regarding actor's Koide Keisuke bad behavior. It seems this is affecting the company and according some especialists could be affecting BABYMETAL and Perfume. Aside this is not confirmed, it's an interesting read regarding BABYMETAL's future. Translation below. 


Cyzo report on Amuse Inc. issues and how is going to affect BABYMETAL

The popular actor Koide Keisuke was suspended indefinitely by being reported "drinking and sex with minors". It's expected that the program scheduled will be also cancelled, to repair the issue the affiliated office will have to invest over 1 billion Yen. 


When the suspension was announced on June 8 the stock price of Amuse plummeted at the Tokyo Stock Exchange, the closing price at 3.010 Yen, 110 Yen less than the previous day, was decreased by 3.53%. In order to fill the losses some artists will be fully operational without any holidays.


"The actors who make dramas and movies have limitations to full operations so they will have to work. It seems that artists who can earn most efficiently like Perfume and the world popular in recent years BABYMETAL will have to increase the number of live performances dramatically to increase the goods sales to fans." (Entertainment writer)


Regarding this kind of cases sometimes talent offices suffer inconviniences due to "scandals in the family". 

Perfume and BABYMETAL don't seem to be affected by this, and fans seem to not be worried either. 




Article by: Cyzo. read here.

Translation by: Hitoshi Sugioka.