Dragonforce talk BABYMETAL on MTV Japan: " BABYMETAL's style and performances have special things"

Dragonforce members Herman Li and Frederic Leclercq were interviewed by MTV Japan to promote their upcoming Japan Tour and release of their new album "Reaching Into Infinity". They also were asked about Japanese Music, Culture and BABYMETAL. Read a summary translated below. 


Herman Li & Frederic Leclercq talk BABYMETAL on MTV Japan

-In 2014 and 2015 you came to Loud Park continuosly, we did a special showcase two years ago. MTV Japan cameras entered your show and live broadcasted, do you remember that time? 


Herman Li: "Oh oh! I remember. I did the live wearing a Dragon Ball T-shirt." (Laughs)


-It sounds like was a great success. I also feel that the DragonForce fan base got stronger in Japan. It was a great news the collaboration with BABYMETAL also in 2014, did you expected at that time that BABYMETAL was going to get this big?


Herman Li: "I think BABYMETAL's style and performances have special things. In first place we don't collaborate with bands but we felt something special so we did this collaboration. However, I didn't expect that we would be sweeping the world like this." (Laughs) 


-In Japan, people that usually don't listen to Metal are also becoming fans. Do you feel you are becoming popular in France and UK?


Frederic Leclercq: "In France originally the Japanese culture is popular. There is also a big event called "Japan Expo", I think is widely known as Japanese culture, anime and games event." 


Herman Li: "Compared to other European countries, I think is quite famouse in UK."




Interview by: MTV Japan

Translation by: Hitoshi Sugioka. 

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