Natalie Music report: Perfume x Sakura Gakuin Amuse Fes Collaboration

Sakura Gakuin performed at Amuse Fes, their biggest stage so far for the group as they appeared this Sunday along with other 9 Amuse artists. Sakura Gakuin also appeared during Perfume's stage to support the performance during "Spending All My Time". Read Natalie's report translated and photos from the festival! 


Sakura Gakuin performance at Amuse Fes, live report by Natalie Music

The live event "Amuse Fes in Makuhari 2017 -rediscover-" organized by Amuse was held on Sunday June 4 at Chiba's Makuahri Messe International Exhibition Halls from 9 to 11.


Ten Amuse artists like Yuzo Takahashi, Perfume, flumpool, Porno Graffitti, Weaver, Shogo Sakamoto, Sakura Gakuin, Skoop On Somebody, FLOW  appeared in this event. Twenty thousand visitors enjoyed their performances and collaborations on this day. 


In the second half of the event Sakura Gakuin made their apperance, their first apperance at Amuse Fes. The sound started to chime as the girls appeared on stage to perform "School Days", followed by the gymnastic "Makeruna! Seishun Hizakozou".


Regarding to the audience, Yuzumi Shintani who is from Wakayama Prefecture was surprised, "This is the first time I see so many people" while 5th Grade Elementary School students who joined in May Miku Tanaka and Miki Yagi showed nervousness. At the end the 12 sang powerfully their debut song "Yume Ni Mukatte" finishing their first big stage. 


During Perfume's performance which began with "Tokyo Girl", a collaboration with Sakura Gakuin was made during the second song "Spending All My Time". The two groups under Mikiko's choreographies surprised the audience.


In addition, Sakura Gakuin's sub-unit "Koubaibu" (Purchasing Club) made a video to promote the goods available during "Amuse Fes in Makuhari 2017 -rediscover-".



Report & Photos by: Natalie Music.

Translation: by Maik Gianino


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