Barks live report: Kari Band at Tower Records Shinjuku

BOH, Mikio and Yuya introduced their debut Album with Kari Band "Kari Ongen - Demo" at Tower Records Shinjuku store. Barks Japan attendend to the event and published a series of photos including a live report! Check the report translated and photos!


Barks Japan live report from Kari Band's performance at Tower Records Shinjuku

They server as back musicians of numerous artists, the popularity of the three who are active domestic and overseas is big, lot of viewers gathered before the live in the store. A big applause and cheers just like at a live venue welcomed the members. 


From the characteristic riffs in "Ninja Groove", Mikio Fujioka (Guitars), BOH (Bass) and Yuya Maeta (Drums) got laughs during the short interactions. Once the live started, joined on Keyboard Tatsuya Nishiwaki as guest musician, the four sounds of guitar, bass, drums and keyboard made an exquisite interwine in the store getting applause. Virtuosity and technique are showed off with a smile without any hesitation, this band is great. 


"Djentleman" began with an intro that creates an atmosphere like a spiritual Jazz with guitar and keyboard sounds hidden. However, when Fujioka's guitar starts with a distorted riff, Maeta's drums also began with fierce beats. BOH's bass appears to create heavy grooves. As the son progressed, you could see the excitment of the members rising steadily. 


At the MC part, everybody burst out of laughter about a specific story. "Snowflakes" started with an intro with dramatic and beautiful scale of sounds. As the song was developed Fujioka's guitar created unique sounds in varios styles, incredible versatility considering he uses only one instrument. 


In the last one "Chuku", as the sound of the instruments got mixed, both stage and audience are thrilled. As it reached the climax an emotional bassist BOH was noticed. That shaking figure by the emotion of the performance was expressed in the audience feelings who raised in all hearts. 


Kari Band's live brought that "real" music experience in a short 30 minutes set of 4 songs. The audience wrapped up in cheers with a satisfied smile when they finished playing, they should felt "we want more". Finally we would like to recommend to carefully listen Kari Band's current effort "Kari Ongen - Demo" and then try to experience it at lives. 




Article & Photos by: Barks Japan.

Translation by: Maik Gianino.