Knowing BABYMETAL's "Metal Resistance" & "KARATE" Stylist Megumi Date

Megumi Date was known as Stylist of BABYMETAL from an Interview with SO-EN Magazine released in July 2016. Megumi designed the costume wore by BABYMETAL during the World tour 2016. Check our report to introduce you her profile! 


Report: Introducing BABYMETAL Stylist Megumi Date

Megumi Date is born in Saitama Prefecture in 1980. After graduating from the Vocational School she studied with Nagase Tetsuro in 2001. After, in 2004 she focused her works on Artists and Styling. 


Megumi Date have worked with Artists, Photographers, Magazines and Directors receiving great feedback and building a big reputation in the business. In a recent interview with SO-EN Magazine in July 2016 she mentioned she worked on BABYMETAL's Costume for "KARATE" Music Video which also later was used by the BABYMETAL girls during the BABYMETAL World Tour 2016


She also works for Artists Music Videos, Costumes for Idols and CD Covers.

Most Highlighted Works as follows:


Advertisement - 



Catalogs - 

PARCO, Vert Dence, DHC, Columbia, Twiggy, Peaple Tree, etc. 


Magazines - 

FUDGE, DDD, Shinbiyo, Hair Mode, L'Officiel Singapore, BRUTUS, TOMOTOMO, etc. 


Artists - 

Misako Renbutsu, Yuki Shibamoto, YUI, Tomita Lab, Yum yum! Orange, Yacht, etc.


Shows - 

WELLA Trend vision, Tokyo Ripper, THD La Maison, Kakimoto Arms Collection, etc




Sources: UM Tokyo Works Profile, CLICK HERE.

Read: Newswire's article on Megumi Date on SO EN September 2016, CLICK HERE.

Report by: Maik Gianino.