Premium Cyzo: Domestic promotion. Why BABYMETAL and Japanese artists are expanding overseas?

Premium Cyzo publish an interesting article about why Japanese artists like BABYMETAL are trying to expand boundaries. Just like BABYMETAL, their brothers from Amuse One OK Rock are also expanding, but why? Read the following article translated below! 


BABYMETAL on Premium Cyzo: "Why Japanese artists are expanding overseas?"

After all, is it only domestic promotion? Why Japanese artists are expanding overseas?

Japanese musicians like BABYMETAL are known as "popular abroad", have contracts with overseas agents, etc; but some artists undergo humiliating treatments before reaching such contracts. Why do they want to go to overseas? In this article we would like to explore another side of the overseas expansion. 


Everyday, artists want to represent Japan overseas. Recently, abroad, Loudness was denied entry when they tried to visit United States without a visa; BABYMETAL, who has appeared in many festivals, and many other artists and affiliated acts dream of overseas success, One OK Rock flared with complainments that in the front row always there was only Japanese fans, even during lives abroad. However, in harsh enverioments where languages, cultures and trends are different, are they ready to succeed? 


First, how can artists reach overseas expansion?

An expert in the industry who is familiar with local circumstances says: "Basically, any artist would like to say 'I did a live abroad'; the purpose is to be sold in Japan as a reverse import. Amuse with BABYMETAL is now a strong trend. However, in any case, overseas performances get red numbers, deficit. If you do it in Japan it will be 10 times more profitable, but since you need a big promotion for domestic customers, you would like to be tagged as "Overseas-class Japanese". That's why they need to balance their profit and their overseas and domestic expansion even when they suffer deficit outside. In addition, there is an intention not to see Japanese fans in the front row because most of the fans of the artists mentioned are mostly Otaku and that doesn't look good. (Laughs)"


Getting overseas live experiences ensures domestic promotion and profits. More than a dream, it is a very stable business model. Currently, overseas fans have the feeling of being forgotten in the Japanese market, but recently there are new ways to carry out the sellings.




Article by: Premium Cyzo.

Translation by: Hitoshi Sugioka. 

Style Edition by: Daniel Fuentes & Maik Gianino