Sakura Gakuin 2017 announce "Transfer Students Orientation" Open Class!

Sakura Gakuin announced the annual first open class of the year to receive the new students "Transfer Students Orientation" which will take place on May 20. Check details below. 


Sakura Gakuin "Transfer Students Orientation" Open Class on May 20

Sakura Gakuin first open class event of the Fiscal Year will take place at the Hamagin Hall Via Mare in Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture on May 20 (Saturday). 


Times & Classes: 

1st Class Open Doors 13:15 / Start 14:00

Students: Aiko Yamaide, Momoko Okazaki, Yuzumi Shintani, Soyoka Yoshida, Tsugumi Aritomo, Miki Yagi


2nd Class Open Doors 17:15 / Start 18:30

Students: Megumi Okada, Maaya Asou, Mari Hidaka, Kano Fujihira, Momoe Mori, Miku Tanaka


Tickets information: 

Seats: ¥ 3,900 (tax included) 

Release: May 14, 2017 (Sunday) at 12:00 Japanese Time. 


For more information please visit 

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