Oricon report: Sakura Gakuin transfered students Miku Tanaka & Miki Yagi, 7th generation President Aiko Yamaide

Oricon Style live report from Sakura Gakuin 2017 Transference Ceremony at Ebisu The Garden Hall in Tokyo where the new transfered students Miku Tanaka and Miki Yagi were introduced and the new Students Council President was announced, Aiko Yamaide! Check the report translated and photos below. 


Sakura Gakuin 2017 Transference Ceremony Oricon Style live report!

Sakura Gakuin consisting in Elementary and Junior High School students performed a live concert at Ebisu The Garden Hall in Tokyo on the 7th transfer ceremony "Sakura Gakuin 2017 Transference Ceremony" where Miku Tanaka and Miki Yagi were transfered. The 7th Generation Students Council President was announced Aiko Yamaide who was Vice President last year receiving great cheering from the fans called "Fukei" who filled completely the audience seats. 


Formed in April 2010 Sakura Gakuin celebrated their eight spring, their rules suggest that Junior High School Students 3rd Graders must graduate in March as their real education period finished. In March of this year, Sara Kurashima and Mirena Kurosawa graduated, for that reason the first half of the event showed off 10 students. Last year 4 students howed off ribbons in their chest but this spring 10 of the 10 students became Junior High School students showing off necktie. 


They performed 8 songs only with current students until the "home room". The transference students expectation is always fun, this time were Miku Tanaka who won the Grand Prix of the "Ciao Girls 2016" which elects the manga girl model of "Ciao" Magazine in August of last year, following, was introduced Miki Yagi who was her first time in front of people, both were welcomed with intense clapping. Miku Tanaka expressed that she was "not neverous at all", while Miki Yagi in complete contrast "almost dying of nervousness"


During the "Students General Meeting", Sakura Gakuin Principal Mitsuru Kuramoto announced the position of the Students Council of this year, a tense Aiko Yamaide (3rd Grader) who skipped a solo part showed off the tension of becoming Students Council President, Megumi Okada (3rd Grader) is Talk Chairperson, Momoko Okazaki (3rd Grader) is in charge of a new position Ganbare Chairman while Maaya Asou was appointed as Educational Chairman. 


Aiko Yamaide said: "I will support you whatever happens, if you are crying a lot I want to make Sakura Gakuin make you laugh. I will show the absolute best of Sakura Gakuin to the Fukei as well to us." After such powerful declaration, the applause continued non stop. 


This year Sakura Gakuin was decided with the 12 members to appear on June 4 at "Amuse Fes" where artists from this affiliation office like Porno Graffitti and Perfume at Makuhari Messe International Exhibition Center in Chiba for first time. 




Article by: Oricon Style.

Photos by: Natalie Music

Translation by: Maik Gianino


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