BOH x Takayoshi Ohmura Shure GLXD16 Seminar live report

BABYMETAL Kami Band God Of Bass BOH and God Of Guitar Takayoshi Ohmura held a Bass and Guitar Seminar in collaboration with Shure GLXD16 in March. Read Shure's live report translated including photos and a video of their performance! 


BOH x Takayoshi Ohmura Shure GLXD16 Bass & Guitar Seminar in Ikebukuro

On Saturday, March 12 at the Rockhouse Ikebe Ikebukuro Store, BOH san and Takayoshi Ohmura san held GLXD16 seminar. Both use GLXD16 at lives at home and abroad. They talk about GLXD16 actual usability, sound, wireless performance and also having both performing! It was a very valuable opportunity. 


First of all, let's introduce the equipment of BOH san and Takyoshi Ohmura san on stage. 


Takayoshi Ohmura Guitar: ESP Snapper Ohmura Custom "Royal Silver" & Snapper 7 Ohmura Custom "Twinkle Pink"

Amplifier: WAZA AMP

Cabinet: Kemper Profiler Power Rack


Simple pedals. GLXD 6 + Kempber Profiler Remote + KORG XVP -20


BOH Bass: Atelier Z BOH Custom

Amplifier: Markbass TA503

Cabinet: Markbass Standard Series 102HF (Upper row) 151HR (lower row)


Compact GLXD 6 receivers stored in a effector board. Set in Group 1 with high wireless stability. 


They appeared dashingly, BOH san and Ohmura san just started playing songs! This day served to perform songs from Ohmura san latest album, Cerberus. Super technique from very close! At the seminar's talk they shared their impressions about the product and usability. 


BOH: "When batteries are normal you will have to carry around a large quantity, but with GLXD16 the battery will last long time, and you will not need an extra one, I like that point quite a lot. Because is planned to harsh enverioments. Another point is the cable is locked so I don't have to worry about him coming out while playing." 


Ohmura: "When you use cable during guitar solo, you will be concerned about getting caught when you return. When is wireless you don't have to worry about it so it's really nice. The sound is nice, noiseless, don't have to worry about that part. Though I think that is part of a good equipment, I couldn't see anything bad in a long time. Also, though it's about a year I'm using it, I have never read any instructions though (Laughs). So you can use it without any problems."


People could try Ohmura san and BOH san guitar and bass on stage! 

"There is no sense of incrngruity at all, this is amazing!" "It feels really good!" 



After the performance and talk, they answered questions. They received questions from everyone. 


Q: There is a story saying that there may be cases that you have to use an high-end model than this one, what is the difference? 


BOH: "It is a matter of distance the reason to use a high-end model. Compared to other high-end models, the tone is not inferior." 


Q: What do you use mainly shield or wireless? 


Ohmura: "I'm mainly using wireless. To be honest there is no difference in the tone!"



BOH: "Wireless depends of each place, basically cables are troublesome, so I go for wireless." 


BOH san, Ohmura san, everyone who participate, thank you! 





Report by: Shure. 

Translation by: Maik Gianino


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