OK Music: Let's get excited! Heavy Metal Idol "BABYMETAL" Karaoke Popular Songs Top5!

OK Music Japan published an article with the most requested songs of BABYMETAL at Karaoke. Due their popularity and catchy songs BABYMETAL is also becoming popular at Karaoke. Read OK Music's BABYMETAL Karaoke Pouplar Songs Top5 translated below! 


BABYMETAL Karaoke Popular Songs Top5 by OK Music Japan

I'm active listener of Heavy Metal songs but I'm very far from Idol. Building a new genre that was never seen before, getting popular overseas, is the next generation of Idols. Heavy Metal is their core image, but BABYMETAL sings songs that become popular as they are easy to sing. Since they have also exciting choreographies, many people requests their songs even in Karaokes. 


Here, among all BABYMETAL songs, some songs are popular on Karaoke which are being announced in ranking format. Which song was chosen as #1?


BABYMETAL Karaoke Popular Songs Top5!


#5 - Ijime, Dame, Zettai


The fifth place is for their Major Single released in January 2013 "Ijime, Dame, Zettai". This song starts with a shout and high speed drumming. Started as a social reform campaign, which became hot topic, its lyrics resonate in your mind. In addition, the "jumping" matches with the vocals. I would like to do it with a large group of people! 


#4 - Megitsune

The fourth place is their second Single "Megitsune" released in June 2013.  A song completely with Japanese style melody which calls "Sore Sore" from the very beginning, the call enters, and the excitement is great! Intense dancing, since the it has a simple choreography interaction, I feel a sense of unity as one can dance with colleagues. If you follow the calls of "Soiya Soiya" the song becomes even more fun. 


#3 - Akatsuki 

The third place is for "Akatsuki", from the first Album "BABYMETAL" released in February 2014. It's a solo piece sang with Su-Metal vocals. It's also known as tribute to X Japan. With powerful and mellow melody, is perfect for one person Karaoke. It's that kind of song to releave your stress. 



The second place is for "KARATE" from the second Album "Metal Resistance" released in April 2016. Phrases like "Seiya", "Soiya", "Osu" are based on KARATE and used as motif for BABYMETAL, since they are gaining popularity overseas, all can enjoy the calls together. 


#1 - Gimme Chocolate

The grand prize goes to "Gimme Chocolate" from the first Album "BABYMETAL" released in February 2014. BABYMETAL has many hard tunes, but this one is like Idol? This song shows off pretty vocals. It's a very popualar song at concerts, at the venue many mosh are done due the big excitement. "Cho! Cho! Cho!" is very addictive melody! 




Article by: OK Music.

Translation by: Maik Gianino.


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