Scott & Rivers talk BABYMETAL as KARATE is #2 on NME Japan "Ten Of My Favorite Japanese Classics"

Rivers Coumo (former member of Weezer) and Scott Murphy (Allister & Monoeyes among other bands) have created a project called "Scott & Murphy" which is devolped in Japan. They were interviewed by NME Japan to talk about Ten Japanese Classics, which features BABYMETAL's "KARATE". Scott & Rivers talked about BABYMETAL. Read a summary translated below. 


Scott & Rivers talk BABYMETAL on NME Japan "Ten Of My Favorite Japanese Classics"

Scott & Rivers  released their second album "Nimaime" on April 12, since we had the opportunity to listen the stories when they came to Japan, now NME Japan we asked Rivers Cuomo to be challenged in Japanese Rock in "Ten Of My Favorite Japanese Classics". He showed valuable stories such as songs with wonderful episodes and memories about his first visit to Japan. Both Rivers Cuomo and Scott Murphy talk about their 10 full Japanese songs. 


1. back number "Heroine"


3. Yumi Arai "Kageriyuku Haya"

4. Perfume "Polyrism" 

5. Maximun The Hormone "Koi No Megalover" 

6. V.A "Doraemon No Uta"

7. Kaela Kimura "Butterfly"

8. Unicorn "Yuki Ga Furumachi" 

9. BoA "Merikun"

10. Potato Chips "Koikeya" Commercial


Rivers: "Well then, BABYMETAL KARATE, I'm sorry. When I was in my teens I was Metalhead."


NME: I'm well aware. 


Scott: "So you changed now?"


Rivers: "I love them now (Laughs)"


NME: What does Scott think about BABYMETAL?


Scott: "I think is funny, there are great differences between the combination of Idol and Metal, but this gap is interesting, this is very Japanese." 


NME: Rivers, what do you think about BABYMETAL's overseas performances?


Rivers: "Actually BABYMETAL's CD and Weezer's new album came out the same day, Weezer has won." 




Article & Interview: NME Japan

Translation by: Maik Gianino

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