Suzuka's father "Chu" Nakamoto appears on Twitter with story about his High School Rock band

Suzuka Nakamoto's father appeared on Twitter in a photo tweeted by a long time friend of him from Hiroshima who also shared a story about Nakamoto's High School Rock band in the past. Photo and translation below.


Suzuka Nakamoto's father "Chu" appeared in photo on Twitter!

Twitter user LoranYass published a photo with Suzuka's father after a meeting they had recently. LoranYass talked about them remembering High School memories and Nakamoto's High School Rock band. In addition LoranYass mentioned Suzuka's success with BABYMETAL. Note: Suzuka's father is in the left side of the photo. 


LoranYass Tweet translation: 

"The other day met a kohai from Hiroshima's era band, the former from E-Set "Chu" (Nakamoto) came to see our show. At that time he was in a High School Rock band. All kohais were bad boys (Laughs). Nakamoto was a person of strong character at that time. We have talked about us a lot. We have enjoyed our nostalgic memories for a long time. 


Beyond that, for me and my friends, know that his daughter brokethrough worldwide. Suzuka chan she is the main vocalist in BABYMETAL. Toured the world with Red Hot Chili Peppers and Metallica. 2 Day performances at Tokyo Dome. I'm in shock (Laughs). 


We told each other that "the life is interesting" between delicious drinks. Anyway, she looks like just her dad! :-)"




Story and Photo by: LorenYass Tweet & Instagram post. 


Translation: Hitoshi Sugioka


Notes: LorenYass Tweet was removed hours after his post. Tweet here. 

He also published on Instagram but with same result, was removed by business reasons. 

Kohai: Means lower grade student. Chu Nakamoto is probably younger than his friend LorenYass.



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    Mike (Thursday, 01 June 2017 00:40)

    Great post

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    Andrew Moore (Sunday, 15 January 2023 20:04)

    This is great. A legend in the making. Arigato Nakamoto San.