Mirena Kurosawa last diary in Sakura Gakuin, 3 parts diary dedicated to 2016 Nendo students

Sakura Gakuin 2016 Nendo graduate Mirena Kurosawa published her last diary in Sakura Gakuin as she graduated on March 25. Her last diary is divided in 3 parts as she decided to write about each student. The first part is dedicated to Elementary School members, the second to 1st Grade Middle School members and the last part dedicated 2nd Grade Middle School students and future 2017 Nendo graduates Aiko, Megumi and Momoko. Diary translated below. 


Mirena Kurosawa last diary as Sakura Gakuin 2016 Nendo student!

From Mirena Kurosawa to the Elementary School girls


Hello! It's Mirena Kurosawa!

Now, I'd like to write something addressed to each member which I usually can't tell face to face!

I'll start with four of elementary schoolers!


First off, Tsugumi!

I think we met for the first time when you transferred in to Sakura Gakuin.

My first impression of you was "Shortie, but she talks like an adult". Honestly, I was charmed with the gap between your looking and speaking. Now, you're the tallest girl in Donguries. I'm a bit jealous of your growing up..

Tsugumi is, as is expected from a Shinkigeki-buff, very creative in thinking up something funny. You're really a girl full of ideas! I once allowed to read each girl's reply to an inquiry for use in a LoGiRL program. Tsugumi was the girl who gave several interesting ideas. There is always someone who is carefully watching such kind of unsung efforts. You must keep that wonderful trait of you! I hope you'll keep thinking up something interesting and will show your personality fully next year. I'm expecting you a lot.


Nextly, Momoe!

Momoe and I have known each other for years. Before joining Sakura Gakuin, we sometimes took the same lesson for AMUSE KIDS, and we went to a few Sakura Gakuin concerts together! Actually, I had been thinking "I'm sure this girl is going to join Sakura Gakuin some time" And...I joined Sakura Gakuin earlier than you. (Laughs)


I was very pleased to see you as a new transfer-in in 2016 Nendo.

Momoe is quick-witted and can give very straightforward opinion. That makes you a good 'straight man' among elementary schoolers. When I behaved eccentrically, you always gave suitable response. It was very helpful. Thank you.

Momoe is very collected unlike most of the elementary school girls, and always observing a person's behavior. It was very impressive. I'm very looking forward to seeing how you'll show your personality from now on!

Momoe is a long-standing Fukei. I think every member is willing to hear your opinion, your love of Sakura Gakuin.

Don't be shy and just tell what you feel.



And, Soyoka!

Soyoka is my douki (Members who joined at the same time)

When we first met, Soyoka had almost no experience in singing and dancing. I remember you once got exhausted and couldn't move at a lesson in dancing. Now, you are a 'big sis' who lead Koubaibu! Before I knew, you've got taller than me... You are really fast in growing-up in various aspects. (Laughs) The MCing lines in Koubaibu wrote by you are very fun. I love them. I got motivated to think up better MCing lines than Koubaibu for fear that I might eat your dust. I hope you'll keep brushing up your MCing!


I know Soyoka has been making steady efforts to improve yourself in singing, dancing and school studies! I'm sure your efforts will bear fruit. Believe in yourself and keep smiling your best. Soon after we transferred in to Sakura Gakuin, there was a day we bursted into tears of regret and frustration. In this Nendo, you rarely shed tears. You got mentally stronger! The strength must help Soyoka from now on! Smile your best!

And thank you for your nonchalant and kind attentiveness. It helped me a lot.

Thank you very much!


Lastly, Kano!

Kano is also my douki. When we took the trial to enter Sakura Gakuin together, we had a long talk. Kano often played a prank on me. Whenever I gave a strict response, you gave a broad smile happily! I love the smile of you.

There was a day you were somehow very hyper when we went home together after our concert. Do you remember the day? It was when before you were named a member of KYG. I was surprised that you couldn't stop speaking in absolute pleasure. It was as if words after words gushed out of your excited body endlessly! Kano, you have a great passion hidden inside you. I hope you let your passion go out from now on. You can do it!


I was glad to see Kano stood for Go Home Club. I wish I could play Sleepiece more with you...

Please keep making everyone smile on a stage or in a dressingroom, in Kano-like way!


Four of elementary schoolers always eased my mind.

You were like a breath of fresh air and always made me go back to my source.

I know you're gonna grow up fast. But you can always depend on me, fawn upon me. (Laughs)

Please keep in touch.



From Mirena Kurosawa to the 1st Grade in Middle School Girl


This time, let me write about three of the 1st graders in middle school!


First off, Yuzumi!

Yuzumi and I had been playing Ciao Girl together since before Yuzumi joined Sakura Gakuin. I was so glad to see you join Sakura Gakuin and we could play Sakura girl as well. But, at the same time, I was really worried about you. Just before the first meeting with the new transfer-ins (including Yuzumi), both of us got informed about the foundation of Ciao Smiles.


To play an Idol activity for the first time must be tough enough. Especially Sakura Gakuin requests a new transfer-in to learn incredibly lots of things. Much more than that, Yuzumi was going to have two Idol activities at the same time. I worried about Yuzumi's getting too much stress. At the first meeting with the new transfer-ins, I told you "It must be tough. But let's smile our best together!". Do you remember? Yuzumi looked just puzzled at my words. I guess you had no idea how tough it would be. (Laughs) That is Yuzumi's strength, though.


Yuzumi, you surely played your very best this year!!!!

You gave it your all in every tasks you got, and overcame them.

With all your efforts in this year, you must got confidence in yourself.

That self-confidence will be a great help for you to overcome everything from now on.

Oh! I really love your loud laugh! It always encouraged me a lot! I just hope you'll keep going forward with the laugh, Keep growing up, Yuzumi!


Nextly, Marin!

Marin is my douki, and from the very beginning, you showed us your personalities fully!

I always got impressed with your unique way of thinking. You have a really rich imagination. It's your strength! You told us several tales of your own. They were really fun! It's great if you can adapt your 'Marin World" for use in actual jobs. I hope you brush up your power of imagination further. You sometimes told me about your favorite Vocaloid. I remember you couldn't stop speaking when it came to the Vocaloid. 


Such Marin was really into Sara. But you sometimes run into me and hugged me. You're such a touchy-feely girl. Honestly, I was very glad for your fawning upon me. Marin is a clever girl who can do most things well from the beginning, but once in a while, you are surprisingly clumsy in something. If you can't do something well, don't keep it bottled up inside. Feel free to ask for help. I'm sure everyone is waiting your asking for help!

And please keep easing other members with your gentleness and power of imagination.


Lastly, Maaya!

Maaya and I had been together at the AMUSE KIDS lessons since long before. We shared times of laughter and quarrels. We had been just like real sisters. Maaya and I often went to the concerts of Sakura Gakuin. We frantically waved our pink flags! I could easily feel your true love of Sakura Gakuin. When we were told both of us can join Sakura Gakuin, how happy we were.  There was once a time when I got deeply depressed. Maaya was concerned for me a lot. Maaya had been always with me. You've somehow eased my mind. Thanks to you, I could recover several times. Maaya, you must know you can help other girls but me! As a senpai, please keep being helpful to kouhais.


When I gave my resolution to become an actress at the concert on March 21, Maaya was super happy for me. I was very pleased for it. Maaya taught me the genuine pleasure which can be attained by making someone happy!

Maaya, just like me, please keep going toward your dream. Never give up! Oh! I can safely say that you're charming even when you're bummed. But I love cheerful Maaya full of energy more. Maaya is a 'Yareba Dekiru Ko' (A girl who can do anything, if only she tries to). .Just believe in yourself and go forward!


For three of you, a year ahead must be very important as a Sakura girl and as a person.

Challenge yourself in everything and find out the potential ability of yourself!

And please give good support to seniors as a bridge between seniors and younglings. I shall keep watching over you!

From Mirena Kurosawa to the 2nd Grade in Middle School Girls


Hello! It's Mirena Kurosawa!

This is the last one of my message to the remaining girls!

This time, let me give my message to the 2nd graders in middle school!


First off, Momoko!

We first met at a dance-lesson for AMUSE KIDS.

Having seen you dance made my heart thump. "Wow! Here comes a super-dancer!!!"

But both of us were a little reserved and we had no conversation at all. I remember we started having a talk after we knew both of us were going to take the trial for Sakura Gakuin. Do you remember we once made a pair at a lesson of acting? It was soon after Momoko joined AMUSE KIDS. Thanks to Momoko's inborn cheerfulness, we could give a fast-paced joyful acting!


At the performance of 'FRIENDS' in 2015 Nendo, Momoko and I made a pair. Momoko's facial expression was not less noisy than mine, and I smiled my best in giving a broad smile so as not to lose to Momoko. It was so fun. Momoko never stopped trying to make fun without being afraid of making mistakes. I respect you much for that. I'll sadly miss the challenge to me to make fun of Momoko, so as to liven up the dampened atmosphere made by Momoko

And, I love Momoko's dancing so much.


I bet we're going to see girls who adore your dancing and want to join Sakura Gakuin

Please share your passion with other members and make up a wonderful group of your own color.

Keep going with smiles and high spirits as always. Be a sun shining on Sakura Gakuin!



Nextly, Megu!

When we first met, Megu was the 4th grader in elementary school. You were a really amiable, affable sweet girl! You were so small and super cute... how can you be taller than me? *weep*

Megu is so clever and quick-witted that she often helped me in several situations. She also gave me a lot of good ideas on MCing.  I'm sorry I could make good use of only a little bit of your ideas. You've been always proactive to make a blast at a concert. I've always been relying on you. Really!


Speaking of Megu, what hit me first is, maybe it's surprising for most people, Megu has a really great talent for a talk-show like LoGiRL! Megu has been often mentioned in LoGiRL when Megu herself was not in the program. (Laughs)

You were spoken ill of at the opinion-box segment, and something bad about you were disclosed. I felt sorry for your not having chance to protest against such words! But Megu said "Thank you for talking about me when I'm off". You enjoy being spoken badly of. It's amazing. Megu really is a girl of high caliber! If I were you, such words would have made me very mad, or made me depressed into tears. I've learned a lot from Megu. Honestly, it was easy and fun to speak badly of Megu. I myself did a lot. I guess Mori-sensei agrees with my opinion. "When we have nothing to talk, give bad words against Megu!"


Before joining Sakura Gakuin, Megu looked very clean and fragile. Now, you're really strong.

Megu is like an oasis everyone turns to. If you find yourself in difficulty, please rely on me. I'll do anything I can do.

Make your lots of dreams come true!


And, Aiko!

I turned the senior of Sakura Gakuin with only one year's experience. Honestly, I was filled with anxiety!

But I soon realized my anxiety was making other members uneasy... I decided to focus on doing what I can do, without worrying about something!! I could change my mindset thanks to Aiko. This year, Aiko has been in her 4th year as a Sakura girl, and I have been in the second year. That difference in experience must have frustrated you a lot.


Also, you have been the only non-senior in the student council. That must be stressful for you.

You played the role of a bridge between the graduates and us. You were considerate of us seniors, and supported us well. I've been very reassured that you were always with us. It's great you can give your opinion straightforwardly. Your passion, your true heart moved everyone. I was really an unreliable senior, and there was a time I thought you wouldn't accept me as your senior. But, I could try my very best because you have been always with me. Your existence made me think I must try my best till the very end.


For me, Aiko has always been a member of student council and it's hard to think about the 2nd grader Aiko...you are good in switching your mind. When we could be just a Sakura girl -- not talking as the member of student council -- we had a lot of fun talking about random topics. We talked about our height till the very end. I want to have a big party with the graduates and the existing members at the 'That Figures Festival'! I'm looking forward to seeing Mori-sensei kneel down on the ground and apologize to you. I myself want to get taller at least by 1mm at the festival.


The recording of 'Identity' was my very last recording as a Sakura girl. I was very glad to have sung in harmony together with Aiko. I love your voice so much. I'm really looking forward to the day Aiko will sing a song of your own writing. Aiko had been practicing the piano really hard before the Sakura Gakuin Festival. But you stated clearly "I didn't practice so much". You're cool! Aiko is a very hard working girl but you never show off your efforts. I'm very looking forward to seeing your efforts bear fruit. Fly high towards your dream, AIko.


I feel keenly that three of the 2nd graders in 2016 Nendo were very significant for Sakura Gakuin.

Each of you have your strong personality. If you can show your personality fully, the chemistry between you will make wonderful new Sakura Gakuin. I'm expecting you a lot!

Thank you very much for your support!




Grazie ☆ Mire



Diaries by: Mirena Kurosawa. Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

Translation: Onji Kobe

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