Sara Kurashima last diary as Sakura Gakuin student: "I'm so glad I joined Sakura Gakuin"

Sara Kurashima wrote her last diary as Sakura Gakuin student. Sara graduated on March 25. She thanks fans (Fukei), graduates, students and staff. She also writes about her experiences as Sakura Gakuin student and later Students Council President. Diary translated and photos below!


Sara Kurashima last diary as Sakura Gakuin student!

It's Sara Kurashima.

On March 25, with the graduation ceremony, I graduated from Sakura Gakuin.

Thank you very much for your watching over me, your supporting me!!


Before the graduation ceremony, I had been in a state of nervous strain. But when I had a huddle together with twelve of members, I could feel "We can do it!" and "I'm not alone". That made me appear on the stage with confidence.

Once the show started... How fast time flied!!


I had had experience to see graduates off, but I finally came to feel "It's my turn!" on the stage. Also, I felt really fun to give performance together with twelve members, much more fun than ever. Maybe such feeling made me feel that time really flied.


When I transferred in to Sakura Gakuin, I couldn't sing well (I had never tried singing seriously), I couldn't dance well (The dancing of Sakura Gakuin was much different from what I had been learning) and I couldn't talk well. I just couldn't see why I could do nothing well. With nothing went well, I lost self-confidence.


In these three years, I've worked together with so many people. I've learned a lot. I've realized a lot. I've challenged myself in a lot of things. With having a lot of failure, I came to do something well bit by bit. Such accumulation of experience made me built self-confidence.


In 2016 Nendo, I was appointed to the President of the Student Council. I felt insecure about my leading Sakura Gakuin, but the graduates, the members and Fukei-sans always kept encouraging me. Thanks to the encouragement and so many support, I could come this far.


I sometimes felt frustrated and sad. Such experience also is a gem that made me what I am now. I again realized that after I graduated. There was times I wished to have joined Sakura Gakuin earlier... Now I'm proud of myself for having been a Sakura girl for three years, though.


I'm so glad I joined Sakura Gakuin.

I love Sakura Gakuin so much.

Thank you for your support in these three years!


P.S. Thank you for coming to see me at the Photobook hand-over event

I was so glad to hear your voice in person!


Sakura Gakuin

The 6th President of the Student Council

Kurashima Sara.




Blog & Photos by: Sara Kurashima.

Translation: Onji Kobe.


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    azegodchs (Tuesday, 28 August 2018 00:30)

    ��� i love you sara-chann ��

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