Mantan Web: Kurashima & Kurosawa last event wearing uniform at Graduation Photobok release

Mantan Web report from Sara Kurashima and Mirena Kurosawa las event as Sakura Gakuin members at Shosen Tower to release their Graduation Photobook! The girls held a photoshoot, press conference and meet & greet with fans! Read a summary of the press conference translated below. 


Sara Kurashima & Mirena Kurosawa Graduation Photobook launch event report

Sara Kurashima and Mirena Kurosawa who graduated from the Idol Group "Sakura Gakuin" in March released their graduation photobook in Tokyo, "Sakura Gakuin Sara Kurashima & Mirena Kurosawa March Graduation Photobook". About 2.000 fans gathered holding the commemoration book by Shosen. At the Sakura Gakuin's last event wearing uniform appeared the two held interviews and talked about the group and future activities. 


After the graduation on March 25 Mirena Kurosawa said: "Thinking that I'm not in Sakura Gakuin anymore is a very strange feeling", Sara Kurashima also said, "Got many memories listening the songs after a few days, I looked back and I was glad about Sakura Gakuin.


Both have hopes about becoming actresses, Mirena Kurosawa said: "I admire Yukie Nakayama san, awesome and beautiful woman, I think the range of her roles are very wide. I want to become actress in any role". Sara Kurashima said: "Yuri Tsunematsu senpai, she can play from bullies to pure school girls. I also like Hiraki Mitsushima."




Article by: Mantan Web.

Photos by: Mantan Web & Natalie Music.

Translation: Maik Gianino.


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