Sakura Gakuin students impressions on LoGiRL's finale

Sakura Gakuin students shared their impressions about the last Sakura Gakuin episode on LoGiRL. LoGiRL announced the end of all activities by the end of the month of March 2017. The girls without Sara and Mirena who graduated on Saturday March 25 shared their impressions about the 3 seasons. 


Sakura Gakuin 2016 Nendo students impressions on LoGiRL's finale

Aiko: "Thank you so much for watching the last LoGiRL! I could grow so much due to LoGiRL, I can't thank you enough. As the title of "Limited to the Growth Period" says, I will continue to grow even more!"


Megumi: "I'm really happy I could appear on Logirl, each show was so fun. But since, there are some things I still can't do properly, there were times I was scared of Logirl. Sakura Gakuin is a "Unit Limited to the Growth Period", and I'm really grateful to the show, since the Fukei could watch us every week for this short time. I feel like the bonds between the members also got deeper as we successfully managed to do a show each week. Thank you so much. (I ended up writing a lot, since it's the last one."


Momoko: "Thank you for watching the show! It's all thanks to LoGiRL that my "Messing up jokes" side and my cheerful side came to the surface. I'm really grateful! Thank you so much!!!"


Maaya: "LoGiRL!! Thank you. To the staff who thought of these great plans in these 2 years. To the Fukei always watching eagerly. And to Mori-sensei, who always drew out our personalities. Thank you so much!"


Marin: "I feel like I was able to say what I wanted to say during this last show. It's thanks to LoGiRL that my Cursing character was born. hank you so much!! Let's meet again somewhere."


Yuzumi: "The last LoGiRL was really fun! It's thanks to logirl that I could fully show off my personality, and that my accent got discovered. Thank you so much."


Kano: "We're really indebted to LoGiRL for these 2 years. I couldn't to talking at all, but thanks to LoGiRL I grew to like talking a lot!! I'll keep on smiling my best!"


Soyoka: "LoGiRL has ended... And it's not a prank this time. But thanks to logirl, I got to show my "Master Artist" character, and I became a lot better at talking. Thank you so much."


Tsugumi: "Thank you so much. Through LoGiRL I got to learn how hard it is to do a live stream and what it feels like to be supported by many people. It's thanks to the staff, the teachers and the fukei I could appear on this show. I get really sad when I think about it disappearing after next week, I loved it so much and it was really fun. But I will treasure the things I learned and keep smiling my best. Please keep supporting the 2017 nendo too! (Thank you, LoGiRL)"


Momoe: "Thank you for everything, LoGiRL! I was able to grow in a lot of ways thanks to this show. Fukei, Staff, I'm full of gratitude! Thank you so much!"


Mori Sensei: "Because it was a fun and cheerful last show, I feel so empty now!!! I feel like my bond with Sakura Gakuin got stronger through LoGiRL. HEY LOGIRL! THANKS FOR ENRICHING MY LIFE!"




Article by: LoGiRL

Translation by: Iwashi

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