Kerrang Magazine interviews BABYMETAL "Superfans"

Kerrang Magazine interviewed "Super Fans" of several artists including BABYMETAL. The girls from Liverpool, England Emma and Jess were interviewed to talk about their dedication to BABYMETAL. Check a summary transcripted below. 


BABYMETAL "Superfans" are interview in the new issue of Kerrang Magazine

"...Jess and Emma from Liverpool when they discovered the might of BABYMETAL "We've always liked Japanese culture and used to be in the emo scene": explains Jess. "BABYMETAL put those things into one and it became an amazing thing to us." Naturally. their enthusiasm for cosplaying lead them to don black and red kimonos when BABYMETAL played London's 02 Forum Kentish Town in 2014. "We wanted them to see that we were wearing the same outfits to show our support," says Jess who since that show has never left the house without wearing something BABYMETAL-related. Emma adds:"It makes us happy to see others in the outfits as well. It's made a lot of friendships:" Emulating the clothes and hairstyles of your idols has been a thing long before the warpaint and holes'n'leather garbs of Black Veil Brides' Army but with the eruption of punk and goth in the late-'70s. devotion demanded a new wardrobe. Being a fan meant a commitment to turning heads wherever you went and showing your colours — even if those colours were strictly black and white make-up. 


Beyond the personal connection to a song or a band and the clothes that define you music brings us closer together and one of the best things about fandoms are the inclusive communities they foster.The sense that there's a tribe of like-minded people out there that you belong to. And as technology has progressed the fan experience from a mail-order fan club affair to a global network of Hustlers. Maggots and artists interacting in real time, those friendships are now closer than ever. It's something Jess and Emma found as part of THE ONE community. "That's one of the reasons why we love them, because there are all these people we never would have met if it wasn't for BABYMETAL" explains Jess. "Everyone is so kind and generous to each other, it's just the best fandom to be in." It's that spirit of generosity that inspired them to start their own fan Twitter account @redbabymetal) and a YouTube channel on all things kawaii-metal to give back "It started because when Wembley (Arena) was announced we panicked and ended - up buying four tickets" explains Emma. "We did a giveaway on our YouTube channel, because we thought it would be nice to give a ticket to someone who couldn't afford one. It slowly built from there into making reviews and discussion videos on our favourite merch" Showing their dedication to THE ONE the kimono-clad pair travelled all the way to Japan to be part of the 55.000 people at Tokyo Dome witnessing BABYMETAL play the show of their lives. They met up with other fans at a BABYMETAL-hosted party. Yet despite the language barrier the mutual appreciation of the Fox God was enough. "We were still able to get our point across even if we couldn't understand each other full smiles Jess. Even if their devotion to seeing BABYMETAL in their home country is impressive."


Their Japanese fans are always one step further though."They will go anywhere to see BABYMETAL" laughs Emma. "When we went to see them support Red Hot Chili Peppers in Manchester there were still Japanese fans there!" 


Emma and Jess simply say."Our life revolves round BABYMETAL:" with Jess adding."I just want to over myself from head-to-toe in BABYMETAL and I have successfully done that." 




Interview by: Kerrang Magazine


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