Exclusive BABYMETAL "Metal Resistance" Picture Disc to be released on Records Store Day!

United Kindom Media and European media have announced details about Records Store Day 2017 on April 22 will feature BABYMETAL's new album "Metal Resistance" in a exclusive version "picture disc" to be released in Europe! Find more details below. 


#UPDATE: BABYMETAL "Metal Resistance" Red Vinyl instead of Picture Disc

This year Record Store Day is celebrating its tenth anniversary and they are bringing some albums dedicated to rock and metal fans. Around 500 limited edition albums will be available on April 22, 2017 during Records Store Day. 


BABYMETAL's new Album will be released in "picture disc" exclusive edition in United Kindom and "transparent red" in Germany. BABYMETAL's second studio Album "Metal Resistance" will be released in 12" Picture Disc Vinyl Format  in United Kingdom while in Germany according to Records Store Day Germany in 12" Transparent Red Vinyl. 


Picture discs are gramophone (phonograph) records that show images on their playing surface, rather than being of plain black or colored vinyl. Collectors traditionally reserve the term picture disc for records with graphics that extend at least partly into the actual playable grooved area, distinguishing them from picture label discs, which have a specially illustrated and sometimes very large label, and picture back discs, which are illustrated on one unplayable side only. (Wikipedia


To find where get your copy in United Kingdom but also around the world in case you are interested in other releases, please make sure to visit Records Store UK for more information. You can search by location or store name. To search by location please enter your town and county and miles. The search engine will find the stores near you with great information! Visit: Records Store Day UK.


BABYMETAL's second on Records Store Day United Kingdom. CLICK HERE.

Note: There is no information about "Metal Resistance" to be released in other countries yet. 


Stay tuned for more updates! 



--UPDATE: April 7, 2017. 

Records Store Day have announced that instead of Picture Disc as was announced 2 weeks ago, will be released a Red Vinyl just like in Germany. "Double red LP. Exclusive item for Record Store Day 2017".


For more information visit RSD United Kingdom.

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