Takayoshi Ohmura is #6 on Spinditty: "10 Underrated Japanese Metal Guitarists That Deserve Your Attention"

Kami Band God Of Guitar Takayoshi Ohmura has been featured on Spinditty. Aside their point of view about BABYMETAL is quite negative is a very good feature for Kami Band's member. Read more below. 


Kami Band God Of Guitar Takayoshi Ohmura is featured on Spinditty

At the very core of a good heavy metal band, especially in sub-genres such as power, speed or thrash metal, is a guitarist who can set the tone, leading the way for their respective bands with creative riffs and exciting solos. This holds true especially when it comes to heavy metal from Japan, a country whose metal scene boasts bands with highly capable axemen at every turn, a trait which is perhaps the first thing that comes to mind when someone describes heavy metal from Japan—well, that, and some dicey English at times.


With a bustling metal scene as expansive and long running as any other country's and with the second largest music industry on the planet, it is to be expected that several talented shredders have risen over the years, men like Akira Takasaki, Syu, Hide, Kyoji Yamamoto, Fumihiko Kitsutaka, Akira Kajiyama or Hizaki among others. Below (in no particular order) are ten Japanese guitarists who despite massive amounts of skill as well as pretty successful careers in their home country in some instances, don't get a whole lot of recognition online. I hope to introduce you to a few of them with this list.


10. Yuji "You" Adachi

9. Kuni

8. Yasumitsu Shimizu

7. Rie Tomimatsu


6. Takayoshi Ohmura

Takayoshi Ohmura is probably the most famous guy on this list, as he's a member of several successful groups including Liv Moon, Marty Friedman and, yes, BABYMETAL. Before you run away at the sight of the last one, though, hear me out. Takayoshi, despite his ample talent, is generally not at the forefront of the bands he's in and can tend to not always be noticed. With symphonic metal act Liv Moon, the band is centralized in large part around the stunning vocal performances of Akane Liv. With BABYMETAL, Takayoshi is tucked away at the back of the stage with the rest of the Kami Band (you might not expect it, but they're all incredibly talented musicians with great backgrounds). Finally, with Marty Friedman, obviously, the star of the show is Marty, with Takayoshi only playing in support of him. With Takayoshi's solo project, however, it's very much his own spotlight, and he's able to show off his ability to the fullest, and honestly he's an incredible guitarist. There might not be a better Malmsteen-influenced guitarist in the country, in fact.


5. Yukihisa Kanatani

4. Hisashi "Jun" Takai

3. Hideaki Nakama

2. Masanori "Burny" Kusakabe

1. Masahiko Kuroki




Article by: Spinditty

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