BABYMETAL announce massive goods for "Film Fes Tour, Metal Resistance Apocalypse" !!

BABYMETAL have announced a list of incredible goods to be sold at the different venues to be held the "Film Fes Tour , Metal Resistance Apocalypse" from April to June 2017. Several antique T-shirts completely out of stock for so many years are going to be re-printed for the Film Fes Tour! See details below. 


BABYMETAL announces merchandise for "Film Fes Tour, Metal Resistance Apocalypse"

BABYMETAL announced in their Official Website the official goods to be sold at venues during the "Film Fes Tour, Metal Resistance Apocalypse" to be hold from April 1 to June 12, 2017. "BABYMETAL Film Fes Tour" set to start on April 1 (Saturday) which will be screening 15 Works to trace the trajectory from their Debut to Wembley Arena performances in cinemas of the 5 national major cities. 


The goods announcement features many antique T-shirts like "Legend Y" released in 2012 to recent T-shirts like "Wembley Memorial" T-shirt released in 2016. All T-shirts are from the performances to be screened in theaters.



Some other T-shirts to be sold at "Film Fes Tour" are:

Legend D Su-Metal Seitansai released in 2012,

Legend Z T-shirt released in 2013

Legend 1999 Yuimetal & Moametal Seitansai T-shirtreleased in 2013

Legend 1997 Su-Metal Seitansai T-shirt released in 2013

Gimme Chocolate T-shirt released in 2014

Sengoku Wall Of Death T-shirt released in 2014

The Black Mass T-Shirt released in 2015

The Red Mass T-shirt released in 2015 and many more!


In addition commemorative wristbands in different colors, memorial items of "Film Fes Tour" and THE ONE 2017 T-shirt + registration code. 


Screening Dates and Theaters: 

April 1 to April 10 Saturday at Tokyo Shinjuku Piccadilly 

April 12 to April 21 at Osaka Namba Parks Cinema 

May 8 to May 17 at Nagoya Midland Square Cinema

May 20 to May 29 at Fukuoka United Cinema Canal City 

June 3 to June 12 at Sapporo United Cinema Sapporo 




For more details:


Read more about "Film Fes Tour", click here

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    2017 (Friday, 17 March 2017 11:12)

    it looks more and more for a sell-out since some month with wembley dvd and cd, tokyo dome dvd and now even selling old shirts....

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