X Japan's Yoshiki interviewed on Fuse: "I love BABYMETAL!"

Leader of X Japan Yoshiki was interviewed about their performance at Wembley Arena in UK this month and their activities. In one of the questions was asked about BABYMETAL, Yoshiki showed once again his support to the band. Read more in the summary below. 


Yoshiki of X Japan talk about BABYMETAL on Fuse TV

The legendary Japanese rock outfit's frontman and drummer gives insight into the band's comeback and why it all comes down to their global fanbase


For most artists, playing your biggest-ever arena concert in Europe would be enough. And for a smaller amount artists, playing said concert and doing a meet-and-greet after the show would truly put them at their limit. 


Yet here is Yoshiki of X Japan finally sitting down with Fuse at nearly 1:00am after he and his band played a three-plus-hour concert at England's famous Wembley Arena, held a meet-and-greet with a truckload of fans, sat down to speak to Japanese reporters in town, held an on-camera interview with Reuters, and is now getting a chance to relax and talk with only a crew member recording our chat with a handheld video camera.


X Japan's Wembley show was delayed by nearly a year, but once it was finished, it was clear the band's frontman and superstar drummer Yoshiki was overwhelmed with gratitude and happiness. Read on for what the 51-year-old had to say about the show, the band's upcoming comeback album, international favorites like BABYMETAL and Perfume, and more.


What do you think of BABYMETAL? They initially got a lot of attention from their videos.

Yoshiki: "Oh, I love BABYMETAL! Actually, I happened to be in London and I saw Babymetal at the Forum. Some of their songs are similar to X Japan. I think their producer liked us. [Laughs] I met them, first in London and they came to one of our shows in Japan. I think it's really amazing to combine those really heavy sounds with kawaii, singer-dance music. I love it!"




Interview by: Fuse TV. 

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