The Concordian Magazine on BABYMETAL: "A beginner's guide to Kawaii Metal"

BABYMETAL is featured on The Concordian Magazine March 2017 as they introduce Kawaii Metal to their readers. BABYMETAL is introduced as what may be part of people's cardio workout playlist featuring information about their concept and biography, check the full content below.


BABYMETAL featured on "A beginner's guide to Kawaii Metal" on The Concordian

The Concordian Magazine March 2017 about Kawaii Metal artist with main focus on BABYMETAL's concept and biography (with some mistakes) The article also speaks about Kawaii Metal communities on social media and other groups like Ladybaby. Check a summary of the complete article below.


---Summary starts: 

One of the most well-known Kawaii metal groups is BABYMETAL. This band is composed of three singers and four musicians who are the centre of attention when it comes to Kawaii metal. When the group was formed in 2013, the lead singer—nicknamed Su-metal—was just 13 years old, and the two other singers, Moametal and Yuimetal, were only 11, according to news website 11. The group developed a goal Lolita look with a concept centred on the uniqueness of their music. This concept is based on the 'entity" invented by the band, the Fox God. The Fox God is a spirit—nor human, nor animal. According to the band, the Fox God selected the girls of BABYMETAL to be part of the group because they had no prior knowledge of metal, making them perfect in the eyes of the Fox God. As a rule held by the Fox God, BABYMETAL is never to reveal their future plans to the media or answer any questions regarding new projects—instead, in interviews, they simply say: 'only the Fox God knows'.


During the summer of 2014, BABYMETAL embarked on a world tour. This has helped Kawaii metal pierce through to the international music scene. Since 2014, the band has won 23 music awards. Not all listeners accept this style of metal as innovative. In fact, some metal fans don't consider the genre to be representative of the spirit of metal as appears as a musical act or pop show. Some Kawaii metal groups, including BABYMETAL, have made it their goal to truly differentiate themselves from the pop music industry and instead represent the metal community as best as they can.


Recently, BABYMETAL has had the honour of opening for Lady Gaga, Metallica, Guns 'n Roses and, currently, Korn and the Red Hot Chili Peppers' on both of their U.S. tows. BABYMETAL also wrote and played the song Road of Resistance' with DragonForce, according to BABYMETAL's website. BABYMETAL's Japanese tones and exciting guitar riffs attract many curious listeners and Japanese bands to follow suit. Notable Kawaii metal groups at the moment are Doll $ Boxx, BAND-MAID and LadyBaby. 




Article by: The Concordian Magazine


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