Idol Scheduler live report on Sakura Gakuin's annual "Archaeology Of The Song"

Sakura Gakuin held their last Open Class of 2016 Nendo. The annual "Archaeology Of The Song" Open Class took place at Hamagin Hall Via Mare in Kanagawa. The girls performed their songs acappella with a special presentantion introducing the meaning, roots and lyrics of the song. Read the report and photos below!


Sakura Gakuin last Open Class of 2016 Nendo, "Archaeology Of The Song"

Sakura Gakuin carried out on March 12 "Archaeoly Of The Song"open class event at Hamagin Hall via Mare in Kanagawa. On "Archaeology Of The Song" the members chose a song from before they were born to introduce the deep meaning, the roots and lyrics of the song to be presented to the audience. In every annual event they also have to show the songs singing acappella. 


Mitsuru Kuramoto, Sakura Gakuin's Principal was the lecturer of the open class. The first class featured: Momoe Mori, Maaya Asou, Kano Fujihira, Aiko Yamaide, Sara Kurashima and Megumi Okada. 2nd Grader Megumi Okada presented "Nagori Yuki" (by Iruka) while Sakura Gakuin's Students President Sara Kurashima presented "Friends" (by Rebecca). 


"At Elementary School was the first time I met Sara chan, this year she became Students Council President, she became the dependably Sara chan who will graduate from Sakura Gakuin. I wanted to talk about this to share my feelings of gratitude today." "Nagori Yuki" was dedicated to Kurashima


Mirena Kurosawa who appeared in the second class said, "my choice was not a mistake, there were troubles but self-confidence made me overcame the mountains, I have no regrets", sharing her current state of mind about the graduation. She sang powerfully "Aijou" (by Yuki Koyanagi) to end the event. 


---End of Idol Scheduler's live report. 


Note: Sara Kurashima was scheduled to be the last one of the first class but due her anxiety and nervousness Principal Kuramoto decided Sara to perform before Megumi Okada. Once Sara started to sing her song she got so nervous that had to stop singing. Mori Sensei asked her to do her best to finish the performance. Since she couldn't recover took a few minutes off stage. When she returned tried to sing the song again but her nervousness once again let her blank in front of the audience, she left the stage once again with tears in her eyes. After that Megumi performed her song and dedicated her performance to Sara. Sara could finally finish her performance on LoGiRL's latest episode (Watch here). 


Sakura Gakuin "Archaeology Of The Song" Tracklist: 


First Class

Momoe Mori - Mamotte Agetai (by Matsutouya Yumi)

Maaya Asou - Haru nano ni (by Kashibawara Yoshie)

Kano Fujihira - Yellow Yellow Happy (by Pocket Biscuits)

Aiko Yamaide - Yuzurenai Omoi Negai (by Tamura Naomi)

Sara Kurashima - Friends (by Rebecca)

Megumi Okada - Nagori Yuki (by Iruka)


Second Class:

Yuzumi Shintani - 365 Byou no March (by Suizenji Kiyoko)

Tsugumi Aritomo - Hanamizuki (by Hitoto You)

Marin Hidaka - Over the Rainbow (by Judy Garland)

Momoko Okada - Sore ga Daiji (by DaijiMAN Brothers Band)

Soyoka Yoshida - WA ni Natte Odorou, Ile Aie (by AGHARTA)

Mirena Kurosawa - Aijou (by Koyanagi Yuki)




Report by: Idol Scheduler.

Photos by: Idol Scheduler & Natalie

Additional Information & Tracklist by: Ichikita

Translation by: Maik Gianino


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