BABYMETAL wins "Excellence Award" in the 22nd AMD Awards, Kobametal receives the prize!

BABYMETAL is officially the winner of the "Excellence Award" in the "Digital Contents Of The Year 2016" in the 22nd Annual AMD Awards! As previously posted last week (read here please), BABYMETAL was announced as one of the winners. Today March 13 was announced the official winner of the "Excellence Award". In addition their choreographer Mikiko was also awarded! Find more information below. 


BABYMETAL & choreographer Mikiko awarded in the 22nd Annual AMD Awards!

BABYMETAL won the "Excellence Award" in the "Digital Contents Of The Year 2016" in the 22nd Annual AMD Awards which praises producers and digital creators. 


The Ceremony was held at the Meiji Memorial Fuji Museum in Tokyo. BABYMETAL made the first appearance for a Japanese artist at the SSE Arena Wembley in United Kingdom, having great success "exporting the entertainment business", such live performances all around the world were highly appreciated.


Producer Kobametal appeared in place of BABYMETAL which were not able to appear at the awards ceremony due schedule. After Kobametal received the award, the MC shared a message from BABYMETAL: "Thank you for chossing BABYMETAL for such prize today, BABYMETAL will continue to exceed this generation under the name of "Metal Resistance". We will continue our activities aiming to connect the world through BABYMETAL and become the one." 


In addition, BABYMETAL's (Perfume, Sakura Gakuin) choreographer Mikiko Mizuno thanks to the live performance at the closing ceremony of the "Rio Olympics Games 2016" held in August 2016 made the "Jury Special Award". Mikiko said: "I feel blessed to be part of staff  of Perfume and also BABYMETAL that push forward to face the world with their bodies." 




Report & Photos: Natalie

Ceremony video: Oricon Style. 

Translation: Maik Gianino. 


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