Upcoming Kami Band members activities in March 2017

Another busy month for Kami Band members, All of them will have many activities in March. Takayoshi Ohmura will promote his new album "Cerberus", while Kari Band members will perform a couple of sold out shows to promote their upcoming Demo CD (Read more here). Find more details in the following post.


Kami Band members activities in March featuring: Kari Band, Cerberus, Makai and more!

Kami Band God Of Guitar BOH:

BOH will hold a seminar with Takayoshi Ohmura about Shure GLXD 16 Wireless on March 12 at Rockhouse Ibeke Ikebukuro Studio. 


Find more details in this post, click here



Kami Band God Of Drums Hideki Aoyama:

Hideki Aoyama will be playing with JAM Project as follows: 

March 5 at Michinoku Anisong Festival (Already happened) 

March 18 at Shinagawa Stella Ball

March 26 at Anigsong World Matsuri at Ryoukokukokugikan. 



Kami Band God Of Guitar Isao Fujita:

Isao Fujita will be playing with Makai at Shinju FACE on March 17 featuring Saki from Mary's Blood, NOV from Hell Quartet and Nash. 


In addition Isao will be performing along with Komatsu (Keyboard), Yasuke Morita (Bass) and Kami Band Yuya Maeta (Drums) at Kichijoji Silver Elephant on March 23 for a new appeareance of "Ultimates" performing video games tunes!



Kami Band God Of Guitar LEDA:

Leda will be playing with his band Far East Dizain starting on March 8 at Toyosu PIT "Visual Parade presents Metal?" with Versailles, Nocturnal Bloodlus and David. 

Open Doors: 18:00, start at: 19:00 Japanese Time. 


On March 12 will be playing at Shibuya DESEO opening for NoGoD "NoGoD Presents, 2 Man 5 Days". 

Open Doors: 17:00, start: 17:30 Japanese time. 


Finally they will play on March 26 with Jupiter at Meguro Rokumeikan opening for Jupiter on "Rapsodia Concertante". 

Open doors: 17:30, start at: 18:00 Japanese Time. 



Kami Band God Of Guitar Mikio Fujioka: 

Mikio Fujioka will held 4 different seminars this month including appearances supporting Takayoshi Ohmura's "Cerberus" promo tour as follows:


March 11 at MI Japan School Osaka. 

March 17 at DiskUnion in Shinjuku 

March 18 at Brand X Ikebukuro 

March 20 at EMS Tokyo School.




Kami Band God Of Guitar Takayoshi Ohmura: 

Takayoshi Ohmura will celebrate the release of his new Album "Cerberus" as follows: 


March 5 at MI Japan Tokyo School featuring Kuze from Concerto Moon

March 7 live "Guren Rampage + Cerberus" with  C4 at Aoyama RizM (already happened)

March 11 MI Japan Osaka School featuring Kuze and BOH

March 17 DiskUnion Shinjuku featuring Kuze from Concerto Moon and Mikio Fujioka

March 18 at Brand X Ikebukuro featuring Mikio Fujioka 

March 20 at EMS Tokyo School featuring Kuze from Concerto Moon and Mikio Fujioka

March 25 at Leica Edison Osaka featuring Toki from C4


For more details please visit Ohmura's section on Keasler.





Finally as already published, BOH, Mikio Fujioka and Yuya Maeta will be playing with their band "Kari Band" on March 22 featuring Ai Kubawara at Blaze and on March 25 featuring Kami Band Isao Fujita at Osaka Jacklion.


March 22 at Blaze.

Open Doors: 18:00, start at 18:30 Japanese time.


March 25 at Jacklion.

Open Doors 1st show 14:30, start at 15:00 Japanese Time

Open Doors 2nd show 18:30, start 19:00 Japanese Time


In addition Kari Band will held a special Seminar on March 26 at MI Japan Osaka. 

 Open doors: 14:30, start 15:00 Japanese Time. Approximated time 90 minutes. 


For more details please visit, MI Japan Osaka

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