Suzuka's "Karen Girl's" featured on Da Vinci News "Top10 Anisama acts that can't be overlooked"

Suzuka Nakamoto's former group Karen Girl's got another feature almost 10 years after their debut. Their song "Over The Future" was highlighted on Da Vinci News regarding 10 Animelo Summer Live acts that can't be overlooked. Read more below. 


Suzuka's former group Karen Girl's featured on Da Vinci News

Animelo Summer Live "Anisama", is the world's best animation songs festival held at the end of August every year. Since the beginning in 2005 it has been almost held 20 times, maybe there are a lot of readers who already watched the videos pictured below. 


Such videos from Anisama are being delivered sequentially in Anime stores. To celebrate this we held 50 questionnaries who participated in Animasa for at least 10 times (people who is fully aware about this). They selected an impressive 1 to 10 acts and pointed out why they selected those acts. 


10 - 2008. SKILL / JAM Project

09 - 2011. Tsubasa Ha Pleasure Line / Minato Kuribayashi, Kurosaki Masane

08 - 2006. MASK / Okui Masami, Minato Kuribayashi


07 - 2008. Over The Future / Karen Girl's

"It was the most exciting at the venue with only one song and almost no MC, those elementary school students voice was very strong." "They were also animated, including the triumphant Su-Metal from BABYMETAL." 


06 - 2008. Tenshi! Angel Ruby / UNDER17?MOSAIC.WAV

05 - You & Me / Yukari Tamura feat. Motsu from m.o.v.e

04 - 2015. READY!! Bokura wa ima no naka de / idol master x µ's

03 - 2012. Sekai Ga Owaru Made Wa / Tetsuro Oda & Noboru Uesugi


01 - 2010. Shooting Star / KOTOKO




Article by: Da Vinci News

Translation by: Maik Gianino

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