Football Tribe from Indonesia: "J.League, BABYMETAL & United Kingdom"

BABYMETAL is featured in the Indonesian site "Football Tribe", the site dedicated about football wrote the following article about Japanese succeeding by learning from other countries and building something new. Like J.League in football and BABYMETAL in music. Summary of their article translated below. 


BABYMETAL is featured on Football Tribe from Indonesia

At the end of the 1970s, Japan visited Indonesia. They returned to the country to its former colony for one purpose: to learn football in Indonesia, which has Galatama (Major League Soccer). Indonesian national team destroyed them by a score of 4-0, through the squad led by libero, Ronny Pattinasarani.


This is an example of how a nation can build something from scratch. They learn from countries such as Indonesia, to build something that they think need to be developed.


There is one special case of the Japanese people in my eyes: they are people who are not ashamed to adopt cultural products from outside, without any kind of remarks 'those foreign products!'. Then they re-work it in a way that it becomes something that is unique to Japan.


Need an example? AKB 48 along with their sister groups like JKT 48. Costumes that became synonymous of the Idol groups are actually a French maid costume. So did the rhythm of the music, although referring to the Shibuya-kei, but when explored in depth the compound kawaii element with its baroque pop of Serge Gainsbourg or Phil Spector. So even in other musical genres such as J-rock, until recently: BABYMETAL.


Trio who calls their music as kawaii-metal originally received the scorn of the metal purists. But because they managed to prove it with quality, they are appreciated by top metal bands of the world. Later, when BABYMETAL's virus struck Japan, went for the house of metal music: England. They started the world tour from there, in 2016 at Wembley.


Speaking of English, which is also the birthplace of modern football, the J.League has just got a fresh breeze from there. British company, Perform Group, bought the rights to digital broadcasting Japanese League in 2 billion dollars (a period of ten years).


You may not be familiar with the name of the Perform Group. But what if I call names like or Opta? Yes, they are the parent of two names that operate in digital sports. J.League will be enjoyed through one of their subsidiaries, DAZN, which specifically provides live streaming.


Just for illustration, in 2010 the average number of spectators in the stadium attendance in the J.League was 19,000 people per game. In 2015, that number has decreased, under 18,000 people per game. Football is the second sport behind baseball in the country of Sakura.


At the beginning the appearance of BABYMETAL got a scolding of thousands of metalheads, own concoction formula plus willpower, made their name in various world music festivals. BABYMETAL even received many awards, for example, from media such as Kerrang!, in which they were proclaimed as the Best Live Act in 2016. In other awards they had the opportunity to sing together with Metal God, Rob Halford (Judas Priest vocalist).


Music with football can not be equated. The first one is attached to the person's subjective tastes. While football is entertainment which is judged by the quality that can be calculated in: score, points, ranking standings. Through BABYMETAL and J.League, Japan has been able to make the British look at them.




Article by: Football Tribe

Translation via Google Translate. 

Style Edit: Maik Gianino. 

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