Watch the new Sakura Gakuin episode on #LoGiRL, March 6

New Monday, new Sakura Gakuin episode on LoGiRL. This week featuring Mirena Kurosawa, Marin Hidaka, Maaya Asou and Aiko Yamaide along with Mori-Sensei! Another episode full of energy and with the new CD! Watch the episode below. 


Mirena, Marin, Maaya, Aiko in the new Sakura Gakuin episode on #LoGiRL

New Sakura Gakuin episode on LoGiRL this week featuring Mirena Kurosawa, Marin Hidaka, Maaya Asou and Aiko Yamaide along with Mori-Sensei who returns to his place of Sensei (watch Mori-Sensei as Mori-kun here) Mirena leads the group this Monday with her own quiz! Several questions about Sakura Gakuin, like: Megu's home-made onigiri, Shuoh Gakuen after-show treats, Kano's most requested hairstyle, and more!


In addition the girls recommend their favorite songs from the latest album "Yakusoku" released last weekend! The close this episode another great "Ganbare!" segment and "standing coins" challenge, also last but not least, Graduation Photbook announced, don't miss it!


Enjoy the new episode below courtesy of MissingReel!


Don't forget to watch previous episodes in our special Section, click here.


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