BOH, Mikio & Yuya announce "Kari Band" Demo CD Pre-Sale & Tracklist!

BABYMETAL Kami Band members God Of Bass BOH, God Of Guitar Mikio Fujioka and God Of Drums Yuya Maeta announced the Pre-Sale and tracklist of their debut Demo CD! The 6 Tracks Demo CD will be released on April 26. Details below. 


Kari Band announce Pre-Orders and Tracklist of their debut Demo CD!

Kami Band members parallel project Kami Band (Provisional Band) announced the Pre-Sale and Tracklist of their Demo CD which will go on sale on April 26, 2017. The 6 tracks Demo CD is available to pre-order on Amazon Japan! Kari Band's Demo CD will is recorded and distributed by Bellwood Records. According to BABYMETAL Kami Band God Of Bas BOH the cover of Kari Band's Demo CD will be released later this month! 



Release date: April 26, 2017

Price: 1.667Yen + Taxes

Format: Mini Album, Demo CD



1. Common time’s Logic 

2. Chuku 

3. 忍者 Groove (Ninja)

4. Djentleman 

5. Jamrika 

6. Snowflakes


Kari Band Demo CD details via: Bellwood Records.

Pre-orders are now available on Amazon Japan, CLICK HERE


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