Sakura Gakuin's new Album "Yakusoku" debuts #3 on Oricon's Daily Albums Chart!

Sakura Gakuin released today in Japan their 7th Studio Album called "Yakusoku" (Promise) with great success! The Album debuted 3rd on Oricon Style Daily Albums Chart! Find more details below. 


Sakura Gakuin 7th Studio Album "Yakusoku" debuts #3 on Oricon

Sakura Gakuin's new album for 2016 Nendo "Yakusoku" debuted #3 on Oricon Style Daily Albums Chart with 2.963 Albums sold! The album which is on sale on Tower Records since March 2 is Top3 on Oricon below "Fate/Grand Order Original Sountrack I" and "Born To Be Wild" of Exile The Second! 


Oricon Style Daily Albums Chart Top5:

01-Born To Be Wild by Exile The Second, 3.738 Albums sold (Released on March 1)

02-Fate/Grand Order Original Soundtrack I. 3.122 Albums sold (Released on March 1)

03-Yakusoku by Sakura Gakuin, 2963 Albums sold (Released on March 3)

04-Way Of Glory by AAA (Albums sold not available) 

05-La-La-Land Original Soundtrack (Albums sold not available)




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