Yoshiki on BBC Radio 2: "I actually have enormous respect about BABYMETAL"

Yoshiki leader of X Japan was interviewed on BBC Radio 2 show "The Radio 2 Arts with Jonathan Ross" to promote X Japan's movie "We Are X". Yoshiki was asked about Metal music in Japan and specially about BABYMETAL, listen the interview below. 


Yoshiki praises BABYMETAL on BBC Radio 2 Jonathan Ross show

Quote from Jonathan Ross show starts at: 01:17:00 approximately - Listen here.


Jonathan Ross: The movement of metal in the world generally seems to be now, it’s still as strong as ever, but when you have a break out band they tend to be a band that offer a more commercial version of the music. I mean, if you look at BABYMETAL, for example, BIG BAND FROM JAPAN, it’s a much more commercialized (Almost a novelty), yeah, they’re almost certainly. How do you feel about bands like that Yoshiki?


Yoshiki: "I actually have enormous respect about, you know, BABYMETAL, because, like, you know, I mean, these days, anything could happen.. so I don’t think, that rock needs to have ground rule. So, actually we are kind of the same thing, we were kind of like punk band in the beginning but we started playing some heavy metal , as well as some ballad and everything, so those kind of music may happen from japan actually because japan is kind of a mix culture of all the influence from west and east."




Interview by: The Radio 2 Art Show with Jonathan Ross. 

Transcription: Rene Colorado

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