"That's Not Metal" & Metal Hammer editor talk how BABYMETAL helps to introduce Metal music to people

"That's Not Metal" podcast joined by new Metal Hammer main editor Merlin Alderslade talk about BABYMETAL and their performances in United Kingdom, they also share their impression about how BABYMETAL helps to introduce Metal Music to people. Listen the podcast below. 


"That's Not Metal" podcast joined by Metal Hammer editor discuss BABYMETAL

Hill and Beez from "That's Not Metal" podcast are joined by Metal Hammer editor, Merlin Alderslade and Tom Dare to discuss issue surrounding metal in 2017. In one of the many topics they mentioned BABYMETAL. 


In this talk they go about Jonathan Ross trying to sign them several times to play in United Kingdom, how BABYMETAL would improve ratings of The Grammys if they played in this event.  They also talk about their performances at Yokohama Arena in December 2015 and Kobametal ("The genious behind" as they called him) picked a playlist full of Metal songs from Pantera to Motorhead and many others. 


Merlin mentions his 10 years old step son, he likes One Direction, but thanks he went to see BABYMETAL twice he likes Metal music. They also say that BABYMETAL has what people that doesn't care about music wants, "like massive Pop choruses"


Listen the full podcast below, BABYMETAL part starts around 01:12:00. 


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